After a good necessarily bad?


you Have to meet people who change for the better in your life cause anxiety and fear.

they Argue about the same:
- I'm afraid to be happy. Now rejoice, and then be sure it will be bad. So all my life.

- I wanted to be the best saw is the best of others, want this! And now it is the best you can take up, but I feel anxious and scared.

- I don't believe that can be happy. br>
Why does this ban on your own happiness?
Possible that the answer to this question would sound like this:

I, a man, accustomed to the worst childhood or adolescence, adapted, lived with it longer. For me, the worst became a natural way of life.
I Have past experience.

I had a beloved toy is lost or broken, or taken away. It was good, then bad!

had friends and girlfriends, but I had to part with them. It was good, and then it hurts!

was the first love and dreams, but it collapsed.
He dumped me. She broke up with me. Hurt like "a dagger in the back". Never again. Throw first.

Favorite parents divorced or died or gave it to her grandma as they leave. Had a family and happiness, and then grief loss. After good became bad!

Met her beloved man. Born family. Loved each other, dreamed of happiness, it was lost, - have completed or continued the enumeration of their losses our invisible interlocutor.

this is about

" After the good will always be bad! It hurts to break up and mourn. Better let there always be bad so it doesn't hurt".

Look at these life processes differently.
Favorite people, animals and objects can leave, die, and be lost. It is, but they gave each of us the best feelings and love. They taught us to love, to appreciate, to empathize. Look for that affection and love in your heart. It forever remains with you! br>really people is getting richer, not poorer.
This is a resource that will help to start all over again.

Believe that after bad is sure to be good.

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