After abuse. Was good, will be the best.


Recovery from a traumatic relationship, it is always long. No need to wait on themselves quick results, no need to wait and success in finding a new life partner until esiprice. You are entitled to your pace. The worst thing that you can do for yourself is from one destructive relationship to step into the other. I have collected and laid out on shelves, a work which you will be able to do for themselves. And professional help you might not need or only need at what stage. This is some sobering truths that are acquired in the process of therapy and are fixed in the subconscious. But if there is no assistance, the rescue of drowning, the handiwork of... and it is a small lifeline.


to Make peace with their past. When making the fact of abuse may experience intolerable sense of his impotence and anger. It is important to give those feelings to be. Hear and experience.


Stop so much to think about. The answer is that the answer was never. Point.


Time heals almost everything. We must be strong. And give time time.


What people think is their problem. Your problem is that you think about yourself.


Nobody can become the reason of your happiness except you. Don't let anyone else so extraordinary, decide to be happy or not.


Mistakes are made all. A lot of questions about why I was allowed to do. But if you think about it, do not rush and do not ridicule yourself, then we can understand as it will give more power over the future. You will not make the same mistakes.

don't compare yourself with anyone. You don't know their history completely. You are the expert of your life. Allow yourself to be yourself. To live your life. At this time, it is important to be in the period of stagnation, to give yourself time to just be, at this time you can relax. This time, the recovery time is only yours and only for you. It's such a luxury to live your interests, allow yourself that. 

When the stage of adoption is completed and the resource is restored, it is worth remembering. Sometimes life takes away from us the good things that came best. So we were good, and now became the best.

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