the Earthquake! br>
There is the metaphor of the earthquake to describe the process of experiencing.

"Seismic event" can be very shocking person, destroying a last support in life, which was guided by an understanding of self, life, decisions, and significance. Earthquake like challenges fundamental assumptions about the world, its hope and faith, ideas and beliefs about benevolence, predictability, and manageability of the world. Human security is questioned along with its future.

"Seismic" set of circumstances (possible, not just loss) is a serious challenge, contradict or even negate how people understand their lives and the events in it. It's painful, scary and spontaneous, desperation and impotence.

But the metaphor does not end there. Expanding it, we can compare the treatment effects of the earthquake with the restoration of man after the loss, which occurs after the earthquake.

Physical structures can be designed to be more resistant to shocks in the future. After the earthquake, we learn that survived the shaking, and that it is important to strengthen.

the Man recovers and, perhaps, even as it changes its own reality and the life in it after the loss. Creates support, which includes experienced the pain and possible events in the future. The world is now more resistant to shock, people get and restore the values, strength and skills.

When earthquakes occur, how do you support yourself?

That strengthen and thereby restore?

Thanks to one person who responded on this text, it is important to ask: is it possible that you do not fit the metaphor of an earthquake? In Japan, for example, is common, so it may not be seen as something great, heavy, terrible. If the metaphor does not fit, which one would you choose? How would you support yourself in it, restored?

There is someone who would have helped in this recovery? People, animals, examples of heroes, celebrities?

Write down everything that seems important. Keep it to be a lifesaver if the shock will come.

Victoria Parhaeva
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