Sometimes a man tells a childhood story, and you can see how this is a story about him as it is imprinted in all his biographies. Some experience he received in this story, which in adult life causes him to think and act in a certain formulaic way. He doesn't realize this and doesn't understand why everything happened like that.

Adult man recalls how in kindergarten, a boy called my friends for apples in the garden of his grandmother. He and some other boys came and went in the coveted garden during quiet hours. They independently reached the outskirts of the city, found the garden and ate apples. It was fun and great. For them, six years, it was a great adventure, interesting and significant case in which they would feel big and brave.

In kindergarten, of course, was a terrible commotion, because several children have gone missing. Called the parents to work in the police. Long did not have to search in the evening the boys came back on their own. They were very tired, but they were all good.

And then – the reaction of parents to the incident. Some kids adults home just scolded and explained why it is not necessary to do so. My companion at home caught up with an impressive sentence and my dad's belt, he does not want to tell in detail, only shakes her head.

was my mother's lamentations, reproaches that she and the teachers a little crazy is not gone and, in General, was a cruel mental anguish from the boy because of his thoughtless act. Wine... a lot of guilt he felt then. It's very hard for a boy to feel guilty in mother's suffering. And something tells me that today's life resonates with the case.

Today, people working in the same factory, where he worked for his parents all his life. Every day he makes the same journey from home to work and back. No adventures, trips and surprises. Leisure – drinking alcohol in company or alone. And he doesn't understand, what else can you do in your free time. As if all his imagination, passion and interest in life was in that garden...

Natalia M.
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