AFTER a SESSION has become worse. Or your hypnotherapy/osteopathy/psychology does not help! br>
Before starting, I always warn that this could be. Can become bad, sad, scary, there will be some new bad feelings and thoughts.As for working with the body: may have a fever, get sick, something that never hurt before, can manifest all the signs of poisoning. br>
the First thing to know in such cases: this is normal. It is necessary to live. This means that there is dynamics, and then the process goes!

Your body is smarter than you imagine. Healing vsekontroliruyuschaya mind is not only not involved, but also a hindrance.

"architectonics of the mental apparatus is based on the principle of layers..." in the beginning of the 20th century wrote Sigmund Freud.

so with each meeting, we remove layer after layer. One layer was removed, and the ones that was not seen coming to the surface. br>
Eliminated psychological protection/adaptation/compensation. On the surface of leaves that lay beneath them. And only removing layer after layer of just living and accepting what is happening, you can go further in depth to the roots of the problem.

it is important not to fight it. What you reject you own, and empowered. This law works always and everywhere. Trying to lull a child? Stop trying and you will find him asleep in a couple minutes! br>
There are other reasons for the deterioration: this is a secondary benefits and work resistance. But now not about it.

"nothing helps Me", "I'm probably a chronic neurotic", "I will have to suffer whole life." Or the other side: "All psychologists/osteopaths quacks", "You're not there/too much/poorly pressed", "You're qualified". This is another trap of disturbing the mind or, as is often the case - the expectation of miraculous healing. br>
Any psychotherapy it's always 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Emotional swings - also the norm.

And if you lived with a problem for 10 years, so be ready, eliminate it can not for 2 sessions! Not even for 10! There, I'll tell you, already so much growing and covered with cobwebs, dig this - it takes time and desire. Oh yeah! Another trust. The specialist and his own unconscious/body.

another lesson: every person we meet on the path is our teacher. And in relations to the therapist/patient is the direct law. If you have come to the specialist, I am sure he will help you. And you may not even notice. But over time all will understand.

Sumiregawa Kate
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