that relationship is important to complete is already a lot said. It is known that if a previous relationship is not adequately completed, they are transferred to the next relationship, and the problems which people faced in past relationships, once again become relevant, and are manifested in the following respects more "burdened" option.

On the way to conclude the relationship and letting go of the past are already very much written.

Briefly list the signs, which can determine the completeness of the relationship and the willingness to engage others:

  • a Sense of calmness, which arises when thoughts about your ex;
  • Your thoughts themselves, without any coercion and persuasion yourself rush into the future. You suddenly catch yourself that you start dreaming about somebody else, about a new meeting, and fantasize on the theme of "what will my next partner"?
  • After the breakup you do not have a negative generalized attitudes such as "all men need one," "men are cowards and afraid of a serious relationship", "female hysteric and each in its own way makes the man brain," "a woman only does that spoil the nerves of a man", etc.
  • Lost the feeling that you are tied with a rope which pulls you back into the past, to a former partner.
  • You're free from guilt for their actions in past relationships, but I understand my responsibility for these actions, and understand how your behavior led to the breakup;
  • you Have the strength and energy to do daily chores;
  • In your life there is a place of pleasure that you currently deliver.

All the above says that the energy that was previously going in your relationship is exhausted and you can now direct it to something else.

I would like to mention that it is impossible to forcibly end the relationship. You can not "force yourself not to think about", to hide from their own experiences, pain, anger and other negative feelings associated with ending a relationship. Can not be forced to switch itself on other relationships (as a rule, in this case a new relationship is no good for turns). Ending a relationship is a process that requires time and a pretty intense inner work. It does not need to push, how not to push or slow down the flow of the river. This process will need to reside (more on this much written, I will not repeat).

But the true ending a relationship carries a lightness, a release, a place new and unknown, as well as great wisdom and maturity, which we previously did not possess.

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