for a Woman it seems that men's luminary that rises in the sky, then disappears over the horizon. Do you think that the rest of the time our hero is bored in chaste solitude? By no means! In fact, all this time he runs in a specific orbit, lighting up his appearance to a certain circle of women. So let's call our hero - a runner.

Leaving one woman, he is looking for a new one. If new failed, in order to make amends for the fiasco, he opens his list of female acquaintances to find out which of them could it in the best way to comfort. Its purpose was to profitably sell yourself: at the lowest cost on seduction to get maximum satisfaction, reassurance and affirmation.

turning to the woman on the list is justified: it does not take much to care for, it is tested, its behavior is predictable and it is unlikely to be denied (at least he used to not failing). And then you can use the most cheap medium - volume conversations about how wonderful and memorable woman from the list.

And the woman is ready to believe!

no matter How it seemed strange, but that such a seemingly restless and a free man is often deeply and chronically married.

What motivates a runner? Perhaps You are not surprised – it is the absence of love. To present the woman to wife, and by and large – in General to anyone. When there is love, people will make their choice and will love.

All the problems stretch back to childhood and infancy, but we will not here go into the reasons – they are different, and are subjects of psychological work, if a person decides to end their suffering.

the Presence of the unloved wife, to which the man very attached, makes it the eternal pilgrim and a sufferer. Any new or returned invisibly relations the wife follows the husband. A sense of guilt, some responsibilities towards your family or banal comfort ultimately outweighs, and the man breaks up with new girlfriend. There was no love in the family, and then to form she does not have time – this is the reality. Dislike like a vicious cycle.

And what is the result? In the end, the man is aging. He is not interested in sex, he already had seen enough. New relationships ignite less, bring more troubles than joy. Increases safety issue: fear of exposure or infection any infection.Runner tying with women, settles in his usual harbour, groaning and remembering their past adventures.

the Girls and women of note. If a man tells you that he does not love his wife, and in you sees something special- think about it: not a runner in front of you? How long enough of his "feelings" towards You? Do you need trouble? Runner is unlikely to leave a woman who once believed his speeches. He will blatantly annoy their indecent proposals in a year, and 10 years. But until he can find the strength to work on solving their problems, forecast to create a strong relationship for him is unlikely.

Best answer women man: "We'll talk, once you're divorced. I do not build relationships with employed men."


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