Hello! In Gestalt approach, consider a variety of resistance, which prevent genuine contact and direct dialogue. However, it is not right to consider resistance as something negative — no, it is a way of existence that helps to handle each difficulty, which for some reason arose in the past and now have a place "here and now". It is important to understand what is stopping you to be honest and open in relations.

Consider the first four resistance through metaphor. When I'm scared to be honest and open in communicating with others, but urine not be silent, I can:

1. Confluence. become one with your companion in a single body, and then say there is no need — now it's "We"

2 Intreccia. to Crush his opponent cans with expired dogmas and oughts.

3. Projection. to Turn on the projector and review all of your flaws and desirable traits as his own.

4. Retroflexion. sometimes you can just hide in the house behind the shutters and dream what I want-Xia-Xia-Xia-Xia.

let's Consider three types of resistance that have been described and put into practice by the disciples of the founder of the Gestalt approach Fritz Perls:

5. Reflexia. Become a waiter and serve all as you yourself would like to be served.

6. Profilaxia. to go to the balcony and, begin to engage in "intellectual masturbacia" in the sight of all.

7. Egotism. to Get into the turret and make a inside the cover of the entrance: "I'm in the tank!"

of Course, open and direct relationships require a lot of bravery and courage. Remember that a genuine contact is possible with a clear understanding of their emotional boundaries (feelings, needs, etc.) and their freedom, which he wrote philosopher Mikhail Bakulin: "Your freedom ends where another's freedom begins". Be more alive and bold. Chao!

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