Aggression in children, how to be?


Aggressive children like to be?

Let's look at what exactly is aggression ? Aggression is energy, lots of energy, which is very often associated with any fear. Let us not confuse anger and aggression. Anger is open or closed sense in response to stimulus, response and relief. Aggression is an action, in order to change or influence the stimulus. It is difficult to give a clear definition of aggression, constructive or destructive is she???

Causes of aggression can be :

  • a feeling of distrust towards the world, fears and concerns, the security threat.
  • Feeling "I'm bad", and hopeless to fix it.
  • the Desire to attract attention
  • Lack of understanding and assimilation by children of rules and standards of behavior in society, not knowing about other ways of reaction to a particular situation, the violation of the emotional-volitional sphere, not the ability of the child to control his mood and behavior.
  • a Very important point is the presence of adverse family environments

children are often exposed to this condition?

Children who have bystrovozvodimye nervous system

Children, where families are supported, this kind of dialogue

Children with prestimulate

Children in difficult acute emotional state.

Children, where the team decided to fabricate, good and bad, hang tags

Children, having a negative experience in the family

How can show aggression:

  • Autoaggression - on
  • Aggression on others
  • Verbal
  • non Verbal

What not to do with child aggression:

to Say that we'll "never love", "you, we don't need", etc.

to Show verbal and physical violence ( i.e., verbal threat, " if you ever, uh I'm ......."), to use physical force


to Ignore (to show indifference to a situation, silence, avoidance)

Pin (scenes, repeat of the situation again and again)

Repeat aggressive behavior in the family


to come up with a set of rules how to behave in such situations.

to Make the rules CLEAR.

the Introduction of appropriate responses.

Development of emotions in a safe environment.

create a binding atmosphere of acceptance and love to the child.

the Formation of empathy ( Reading books, playing situation, where we refer to other people's feelings)is perfect "fairy-tale Therapy, sand therapy".

Learn to stop before the "flash of anger"

to Contact if you need to see a child psychologist which will help you pass the time.

And remember, you are the best friend of your child, and timely assistance to him will be the best way out of any situation.

Radionova Victoria
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