According to EA* when life is not working, we have included certain behavior strategies – coping skills designed to resolve the situation in the best way.

each of the 4 FM** coping skills same:

  • Basic movement
  • Paradoxical movement.
  • Protective movement (aggression).
  • Imaginary movement (a reflex of the imaginary of death).

each of the 4 FM coping skills have their own specifics.

"...mine is exactly the same but smaller and the other" (op. CIT. "Election day")


the Third step in the co-ownership situation (when the first two didn't work).

1 FM. the Physical world, being able to be. Support, space, security. Here we are talking about survival, about the question: "to be or not to be."

Because aggression leads to HATE. To hate is to desire destruction. Either you or me.

Hate = "I wish you were dead".

2 FM. Relationships, communication, emotions. Like to live. Time, proximity and relatedness. It is important to be liked, to be nice, to make it valuable.

the Aggression of RED RAGE. To explode, explode all to pieces. The goal is to attract attention, to show how bad I feel.

I am furious = "I'm a stone will not leave! What would you have been as bad as me!"

3 FM. Be yourself. I have that right. Respectful attention, fair treatment, promotion of the value.

the Aggression takes the form of IRRITATION. All is not as it should. Events and actions are not correct! Else! Everything must be different! Stubbornness, anger, disgust, impatience.

Irritation = "I'm here! You cause me pain! Can you stop?!".

4 FM. Action, splatnosti in a broader context. Sense. I have to do something! Aggression FOR FUN. Cynicism, sarcasm. Bored to do such a thing? Sprinkle me on his chair buttons!

CYNICISM = "Life is empty and meaningless. I'm bored. This is intolerable".


so, if I'm annoyed, I can imagine that violated some of my boundaries, something happens that I don't sootvetsvuet. If I'm angry, then my life situation I don't like: somehow violated my values, what I hold dear. If I want to kill, then I feel a threat to their own lives. If you want stupidly neighing - I have not found how in life to use.

so about aggression in a nutshell.

*EA – existential analysis.

**FM is the fundamental motivation.

Olesya hare
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