Adolescence – one of the most difficult periods in a person's life. The teenager is actively searching for his “I”. the Most popular age for suicide among children is 13-16 years. The child's psyche is very fragile and sometimes they find only one way out of this problem. The most common causes of suicide in adolescents is called:

- unrequited love

- conflicts with parents or peers;

- the presence of fear of the future, or the problem of loneliness.

   Some children attempt suicide only to scare parents. Initially they were not going to die, just hoped in this way to attract the attention of adults. Unfortunately, sometimes “the death of fun" becoming.

  to all the allusions to suicide for adults should be taken seriously.most of the children who are prone to suicide, people kind of warning signs - in fact, crying for help. Adults  to pay attention to them!

     for Example: the child begins too often to talk about death; the mood is changing too fast; he methodically leads his Affairs in order or, on the contrary, becomes aggressive, revolts, does not wish to listen to anyone crying for no reason, gives things; loses his appetite, suffers from insomnia, loses interest in favorite activities; suddenly begins to do poorly in school; trying to retire, becomes estranged. Very often the causes of child suicides lie absolutely ridiculous, in the eyes of adults, the problem. Any weirdness — alarm.

Verbal warning can be expressed in the following phrases:

-       I decided to commit suicide.

-       Tired. As much as possible. Fed up!

-       Better to die!

-       he Lived and that's enough!

-       Hate my life.

-       Hate everyone and everything!

-       the Only way – to die.

-       no More.

-       More you won't see me!

-       If we don't meet again, thanks for everything!

Dear parents, pay as much attention to their children!

you Need to talk with the child. These conversations have to be positive. BE OPEN to CHILDREN, don't hesitate to show them your love.

  And even if your child will seem frivolous and funny, think seriously — but is it really? And 13 years it is unrequited love, and 5 years old child can badly to worry about the fact that he was humiliated. Teach him how to Express negative emotions in an appropriate way, and not to withdraw them. Let the child knows that can appeal to its parents for any reason and at any time. Let him see you love him very much and always ready to help.

   add some variety to your everyday life. You can enroll in a gym or at least start the habit of doing morning exercises, blaze new trails, to go to the weekend  on a fascinating tour, to come up with new ways to perform household duties,  go to the cinema, exhibitions, to make the house a General cleaning.

      Regularly DEMONSTRATE YOUR LOVE AND CARE. Show that the child needs you required. Sometimes the only thing that can stop a teenager who decided to settle scores with life.

   Dear parents! If you notice that your baby something happens, do not hesitate to ask for advice from specialists in this field.

Three  qualities that will help you to help:

  • Respecttreat the child as a normal person;
  • Kindness: you must be human and genuine;
  • Empathy: the ability to reliably understand the child and bring this understanding back to him  (understanding not only the history but also feelings). In other words, you should be able to stand on his position.

the Main idea you have to convey to the child: IN the WORLD THERE's SOMEONE WHO NEED YOU AND WHO NEED YOU, SO HERE can NOT LEAVE.

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