Some of my colleagues-gestaltist contemptuous conduct social networking, explaining that if you all finish, then to publish nothing. Others do perceive it as a communication with yourself and the narcissistic narcissism (one that hurts). Both positions are very subjective and are intended rather to hide from himself its impossibility than to really understand.

On the first point, I will say this, we live, and thus what thoughts and feelings accompany us permanently. If you simplify, you always have something to write, but it is important to show the skills of mindfulness, that is to listen to yourself. If you void, then write about emptiness, if you have nothing to say, then write about the difficulties of speaking. Your blog can become an extension of the skill of being in the "here and now", the ability to notice what is happening inside the processes and their connection with your life.
On the second point, I draw your attention to the acronym C. A. This means that you do not communicate yourself, you have a reader. It is important to know to be interested in it. Who is he? What? As you with him and him with you? This relationship, and I'm neurotic about dynamics, not about a narcissistic (the terms of DKL and not psychoanalysis).

the Only issue here might be is a spoof of the object. And this point is important to keep track, I do sometimes fly here. Let me explain with an example. Here you want to say something to his friend, colleague, boss, parent or therapist, but it is very scary. Fear you don't realize that literally everything but write your message in a blog in some form. So you get your energy from contact with a specific person and launch a social network. Like any protective process, there is plus and minus. Plus the fact that it reduces the internal stress, and a minus - the inability to progress in the relationship with that person. If this process is understood, it is happy, and if not, then the history of this blogger is sad, because then he does not communicate neither with her readers nor with the man who actually meant his words.

Boris Nikiforov
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