Friends, how do you think how to drinking and having a goal in life?

I like real data. As usual I'm interested in subjective and experienced views on the issue.

because I am an expert on personal growth, not a fighter with dependencies here to consider we will not alcohol, and rather, the abuse of alcohol.

In my thinking I was primarily interested in, could there be a relationship between how often you could use a drink and what do you live roughly.

In fact, I'm sure communication. Undoubtedly present. But my confidence is not gone:)

Let's will present a certain image of man.
  • Ludmila has created with his own hands the business of selling designer underwear. She considers it her calling to bring women and men a beautiful and soft linen. She was sure that sooner or later will create from your business, an Empire, no matter what.
do you think this person is abusing alcohol or not?

something tells me no.

Because the man, even unconsciously will understand that alcohol is more likely to distance from target than to contribute to its achievement.

the Purpose of life, of course, does not provide a guarantee that people won't drink it.

If highly charged negative thinking and he used to wait for failure, in this case, the alcohol can act as an anti-depressant.

Here you need not to find and thought patterns change what I said not once.

In General, it is clear that do not abuse - need to have a sense of life and adequate thinking.

I do not advocate complete abstinence from alcohol, because in this moment there is something beautiful. Of course, I mean things like quality aromatic red wine or fragrant and warming white rum. I mean aesthetic pleasure the riches of the world.

But has value - you'll drink 1-2 glasses per week or the whole bottle in a day. The second option is clearly not about pleasure in use.

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