Algorithm of choice of profession.

the Choice of profession.. As much talking about this now, how many have been written. And the question remains a difficult and relevant.

Some people associate the decision with the fact that teenagers don't know what I want to be, others say that they are not familiar with the world of profession, and still others claim that their child doesn't really want anything.

Others attributed the difficulty that parents have withdrawn, or are authoritarian in matters of professional self-determination of their child.

for a Long time and a lot of work in this topic, I can say that the situation has changed a bit.

  1. Teenagers know what they like and they know what they want, but they don't know how to reach your profession dreams. Feasible if their dreams and desires. They don't know how to convey and present parents, whose opinion of them is very important and valuable.
  2. Parents want to help their children but don't know how. They see what is changing and everything is changing rapidly, but do not know how else to live in a situation of uncertainty, afraid to admit the mistake and make a wrong move, especially when it comes to their children. They have no single sequence of actions, because the information coming from different sources, the fragmented and sometimes contradictory.

How can we help them?

when Choosing a profession take into account its social significance, prestige, assess their abilities and opportunities. All this makes every person, but tend to miss many important factors, as well as doing it haphazardly.

What factors influence a successful career choice:

This is what love to do what can to do what need people, and what good pay.

where these factors intersect and is a great choice-the purpose of man, his Ikigai.

Factor Can—depends on the abilities (knowledge, skills), personal qualities, character traits and health status

Factor in Love—depends on the interests, aptitudes, motives and values

Factor is—the world of professions, a promising and popular destinations

Factor is what you paid—this is the level of wages, conditions of work and employment.

 so what is the algorithm? It is quite simple

  1. you Need to define what's fun to do?
  2. to Determine what I can do?
  3. to Determine what is required in the world of professions now and in the future for 5-7 years
  4. to Determine the level of salaries and career prospects in selected areas
  5. to Relate their skills and interests with the needs and perspective, to find coincidences, intersections
  6. to Define several areas of professional activities, choose the most interesting
  7. to Prepare a plan for motion to goal route map
  8. Implemented.

so, in conclusion, I would like to mention that, of course, the process of professional self-determination of adolescents without parental involvement is possible, but inefficient.

the Parent may need psychological support your teen and be his mentor in the matter of professional self-determination. To make a choice with your Teen, not instead of it.

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