all the evil of the serpent


All the evil of the serpent
the Biblical serpent was punished for his initiative, convincing eve that "...shall be as gods, knowing good and evil". What? The world has become more good or less evil? That's just the snake ceased to enjoy the confidence and respect! Although not quite! When a person will take by the throat, no, not snakes, and an invisible virus or bite the leg of the same snakes, unsteady feet rush into the institution with the arms, not the sickle-that is my answer, but all with the same kite with a shot at the head. Many of the eternal questions of humanity and are unable to find the answer, despite all the advances in modern medicine to correct imperfections of human nature, and one of them is: what are you afraid of more snakes, or dentists? br>
the Snake was always teeth appear soon after birth, but if the teeth are more or less successfully tried to speak and the development of current dentistry has significantly reduced the fear of dentists each convinced that only a very young child is not afraid of snakes, for example, the hero Hercules. Hera, wife of Zeus, very much it was dissatisfied with the erotic adventures of his wife and sent two snakes to kill the baby. The infant Hercules, it is not afraid of these divine creatures strangled them. So the children or the children of the demigods, but not to fear an adult or not absolutely adult, but totally educated in matters of gender, the subject, regardless of gender, at the sight of the crawling itself, the penis?! And where is that poisonous reptile, promising its hidden liquid is much more of a problem than not desirable pregnancy! As mankind in all the years of its evolution, and not get rid of herpetophobia still let him in the main symbol of health. Mankind parts with the past laughing, but as you know, when something hurts somehow not to laugh, and that did not the followers of Asclepius to part with its symbol, though one snake is still removed! Or from the beginning snake was the only one? Who knows!
But they say it was like this: Asclepius, is very advanced in the art of healing, demigod, son of Apollo, was leaning on his staff, and his unremarkable crooked stick wrapped snake. Apparently knowing the history of the child, Heracles, or of his own volition, he killed the snake. Then, out of nowhere suddenly, there was a second snake that was carrying in his mouth some grass. This herb has raised the dead. Asclepius found this herb and with its help began to raise the dead, which greatly glorified. However, the God of death Thanatos, was left without a job and bored, complained to Asklepios, the chief God Zeus. He, not being a stupid man, quickly realized that he is immortal multiplying competitors and lightning thunder struck Asclepius. Apollo was very upset, and killed the faithful assistants of Zeus, the Cyclops, those who forged him deadly lightning. It turns out that everyone died and then the glass with the snake troubled my reader – a little bit of patience! According to one version, Asclepius then allowed to heal, but in the resurrection and have not given permission. Probably, partly therefore, the staff of Asclepius can be found in hospitals, but not too often and not in our country. And in our ancient state, I never had respect for Zeus, took the symbol of medicine, reformed the cult of the daughters of felts, felts wife of Asclepius, Gigai, which is depicted feeding from a bowl, possibly the same snake. But when it became fashionable to call all smart women witches, Gigau asked to get out, but the snake is not touched – and suddenly he is not only smart, but also poisonous, and poisons have always been power...Russia, according to historians, always had respect for the snake, especially to green, and then without glasses – not from the bottle?! And doktorica didn't trust more than doctors, because Gigau didn't, and eventually just forgot about it, but the shot with the snake left. Here is another epic story: the Odyssey his gods were forced to swim between two snakes, and although he managed to avoid the extremes, some members of his team, he still lost. Sad it doesn't last long, but imagine that it was a dream and he lost his dick?! Yes, without Dr. Freud you not understand! It would have been quite simple and clear, if a snake would be one, say in Eden, few people know that some species of these legless reptiles is endowed by nature with two penises, but then, far more logical one body and at least two heads, as in the Snake-dragon! But two snakes, but one, as many as six heads of Scylla, while the second never received a specific description, just the whirlpool, Charybdis. The Serpent of Eden gave parvocellular immediately and sexuality, and mortality. So much for that one, though, while the divine creature? Freud so often compared with the serpent tempter – navasari people an idea of the dominance of sexuality in their nature. That is the eighth mishap Odyssey, perhaps most of all, if you don't like the truth, the life for sure: he had to sail between the monsters Scylla and Charybdis: Scylla's six heads, each with three rows of teeth and twelve feet; Charybdis — one of the larynx, but such that in one gulp tighten the whole ship.

In different ways, at all times portrayed these timeless monsters from the immortal works of Homer, but they always looked like snakes. The Christian influence? But how on earth could it be? Because this story happened in much more ancient times. So even to the bases of Adam and eve the Serpent was a decent bastard. And flows of human life between the two snakes, one of which is trying to grab a decent piece, while the other tries to swallow everything without a trace. Odysseus chose Scylla, the Charybdis, and what is the choice of modern man, and what is the serpentarium, which tries to cram all is not Homer, and this, rather confuse his reader, the author? Who in our time are familiar with black and white circle "Yin-Yang"? Someone sees him as a great Eastern philosophy, other stylish designer thing: two lovely droplet – like fish! If you long to look at them they seem to move. Eastern people see this simple thing all the laws of the world, and maybe it was the European religious heritage prevents us to see this symbol of the two snakes? Most of those snakes, among which was to sail the Odyssey, or as it is called Ulysses or just a traveler? We all travel through life from its beginning to its end. Odysseus is not fond of snakes, but the snakes tried to engage him on the inside...He have passed them by donating six unnamed members of his team, and what sacrifices each of us, passing these snakes trying to save yourself? You are like the sea and love snakes? And because, well, if this fate does not threaten you..

Makovsky Bella
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