the World of emotions and feelings of a small child is very rich. And yet the baby doesn't know how to manage all this good. It just feels. br>
there Are times when the degree exceeds the limit. For example, getting angry at something or someone.

Pass a little test ➡ And angry - is this good or bad? As usual we adults respond? Yeah. "Stop", "enough", "you do that, will be punished," etc.

being Angry is neither good nor bad. This is absolutely normal.Just like happy or sad. But it works to install on the prohibition of "negative" emotions and feelings. Aggression, anger, resentment - what a nightmare! We don't have to feel them, because they are "bad". And this is a very well covered child. A ban on feelings and emotions.

Why is this happening?

1. Our parents forbade us to do so.

2. We don't know how to react to this behavior, except by irritation.

3. Stereotypes. The child should make us happy, but not upset. Tantrum or crying - it's bad, mom gets upset.

But the child should not be convenient for parents. Banning, we want to keep children obedient, such as we need. Not all parents are able to make children's emotions. This is a very important point. If the child sees that the parents can't handle him when he is overly upset, he had the earth move under my feet. Parents are the benchmark. Forbidding, we show the baby that they refuse to help him cope with the emotions and feelings, do not want him to learn to Express them constructively and safely. But if not parents, then who?

Forbidding the child to feel and Express emotion, we contribute to the fact that the child learns over time to suppress. Suppression leads to psychosomatic and health problems. br>
it is Important to teach the child not to suppress and adequately Express their emotions and feelings. It concerns proylene any emotions and feelings. If the child is hurt or sad - he cries if all is well - happy and having fun. It is important experience any emotions and feelings. br>
how to be parents? Allow the child to feel and to live. Whatever happens, just stay close.

Churilov (Sweden) Viktoria Aleksandrovna
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