Louise hay writes that it is important to love yourself and allow yourself at least one pleasure a day, then life will smile back! This is a very correct attitude towards yourself and your life, at the same time, many women forget about what is important and to have fun, we don't have a habit of concentrating on something nice and look for it in the simple everyday things.

Every woman it is important to remember: enjoying life, we are filled with energy, love, and being in a state of fullness, can give warmth, love and affection to loved ones. It will be natural, not a forced process. Therefore, our first task is to allow myself at least one fun day!

Just think that every day you try to bring pleasure into the life of someone else (child, husband, parents, friends, etc.), but most often you forget about yourself. And please no word about selfishness. :)

"the Main job of women is to have fun," - said the Chinese, because only in a state of pleasure a woman can create.

a Few arguments, to start to fill with pleasure my life:

  1. the First reason I have already announced in the beginning of the article: when you allow yourself to have fun – filled and you start to give warmth to all those around. Because a woman comes into this world to give love, but can she do it when I complete it.
  2. with a satisfied life woman is a satisfied man and joyful, happy children. The secret is that the woman - the mood families: what mental state she is in such a state of soul of her beloved.
  3. a Woman, allowing himself to enjoy life, knows how to take care of everyone, including myself, feminine, and it opens her heart.
  4. the Quality of life is increased by several orders of magnitude. There is a new attitude to life: the fullness of gratitude.
  5. Satisfied with the woman's life is manifested in the world feminine and soft, it slows down and allows himself to relax, filled with feminine energy.
  6. It attracts and easily copes with difficulties.

This list of arguments could go on and on, but, I think, and these 6 points very convincing. :)

If you want to give pleasure, learn how to get it.

William Hazlitt

Let's create happiness in your life for yourself!

And for a start I suggest you a cheat sheet.

List of pleasures:

  • treat yourself with love tea or coffee and savor every SIP, inhaling the aroma of the drink.
  • get Out in the morning on the balcony, breathe deeply, look to the sky and say, "Good morning!"
  • to lay the table for family dinner: take out the beautiful dishes, tablecloth and napkins, decorate the dish. Let the holiday feeling is in the house more often.
  • Flip through glossy magazines slowly and with gusto, view a romantic Comedy, allow yourself to break away from worries and immersed in another world.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Stroll through the Park slowly, deliberately.
  • Try to walk slowly, examining the life around (very often in the race we don't see something essential), noticing something new.
  • Dance, sing, make drawings.

  • Go to the sauna.
  • like that.
  • Make a photo session for yourself.
  • Take a bath with aromatic oils,candlelight, lost in the sensations of this moment.
  • Dress up and do a makeover for yourself.
  • Treat your body (home or salon).
  • Taking food, try to taste each bite, the flavor of the dish.
  • Meditate.
  • Soak up in bed.
  • Go to Church, put a candle, say a prayer, just wait.
  • do some sport (yoga, Pilates, bodyflex, callanetics, aerobics, etc. choose something that will please you).
  • Wear beautiful lingerie.
  • Make someone a gift for no reason, guided by inner impulse.
  • Arrange a bachelorette party.

  • Give yourself flowers.
  • In the fast pace of life find a moment to slow down: go to a cafe for a Cup of tea/coffee sit down on a bench and watch the movement of clouds in the sky, smile to the sun, just look around.
  • Buy yourself your favorite treat.
  • Just enjoy each moment of your life...

I Hope that some of the items on this list inspired you! :) Don't hesitate, make a list of pleasures!

Allow yourself a treat!

Start living with pleasure! Today! Now!

Choose to be happy, and then happiness dwell in your family!

P. S. Let's help each other and share sources of pleasure that exist in your life. Wish you happiness and fun!

Natalia Lisyanskaya -

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