Allow yourself to become another! Working with polarities.


how many percent you woman?

Write what you, as a woman.

What feelings do you feel? 
How is it manifested in your body? 
As these feelings can be transmitted in the form of a motion? 

What images come when you identify yourself as a woman? 

I'm the Queen. Remove the crown - what do you become then?
What are you then?

We live in stereotypes, stuck in them.
One woman wants to be soft, while the other believes that the mother is unsuitable to be evil, the other believes herself frigid, well and if to dig in the breadth of our characteristics, it is possible to find the little man, sick in the head, weak, stupid, etc.

We are stuck in one role - polarity. Trying to escape from one role, forcing her all the latest forces pulled themselves socially approved role.

Many people want to be "good" or better for others, but as said, not only Jung:"the dark side always wins!"

you have All heard that the world is bipolar, like Yin and Yang, dark and light, strengths and weaknesses.
But this is not true! br>
the World is multipolar!
for Example, a strong you can find not only weak side, and tired to think. For hard-working, not only lazy, but also prudent (because it is impractical to work in full force on a small salary).

so, each has two parts, one person - socially priema, another shadow - the fact that we try to hide, to not know, to forget.

the Shadow is not necessarily the direct opposite! Each has its own individual polar pair. The more we deny the shadow, the stronger it is!

I want to be all good, good, good to communicate, to speak beautifully, to be the most intelligent, beautiful, etc.
But for some reason have problems.
Among the kindness and silence, suddenly fire breaks out and the anger poured out with the hysteria. Or we can't say no, not defending his words, right, but in other us begins to enrage "pressure"  and why someone says that you are and push. 

Your shadow you meet in the planes, in other people.

Want harmony, freedom from anxiety, shame, and want to become more flexible and creative way to go through life, make simpler and let go to succeed?

Then you need to stand in a line where one side is your one polarity, and the other the other.

Your life will become harmonious, when you will easily change the position on this line. In one situation, you can be one and the other the second, etc.

Back to the question at the beginning of the post.
How many percent you woman?
And the rest who is? What you are a woman? Does it have contrast? Search for it!

You are the snow Queen?
What is it? What feels? What are her thoughts, desires? What does she want? Doing?
Find the other character and describe the same thing.

Find shadow, where is it?
Examine both their parts!
make peace between them!

Expanding boundaries of your perception, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, you become a HOLISTIC! 

on Sunday 15 September at 14.00   at the site of the Women's Circle  we will work with their polarities: "Allow yourself to become another!

you can Sign up by writing in the message of the messengers. 

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