"I believe that the power of laughter and tears can become the antidote to hatred and fear."(Charles Chaplin)many people Have an internal, often unconscious, a ban on emotions. Different emotions: anger, sadness, even joy, some hard to tell. But there is a ban on tears. Tears are good or bad?

the following Known expression: "crying will not help", "boys don't cry", "tears nothing will come", "don't dare to cry, to grieve not told". Proven that nevydumannye tears crying for our bodies. Restraint leads to psychosomatic diseases.

One thing, when a person is afraid (ashamed) to cry in front of others, but there are those who do not allow themselves to cry alone. But tears is a natural physiological reaction that brings relief and spiritual cleansing. There are several features of crying. Understanding in this matter, it is often disturbing concept: crying is bad, crying is for the weak. If you cry constantly, but this is unlikely to have anything useful. Rather, it is about the deep stress or even depression.

I Offer a positive reinterpretation of the tears that came up when I, having had such a ban. A similar reinterpretation is possible to create other emotions that are forbidden (anger, shame, etc.).

the Previous installation about the tears — "it's embarrassing, weak, inexcusable, ugly."
"But what is the shame? Ashamed to swear for no reason and throw garbage. What is ugly? Ugly — go drunk along the street, dirty, ugly to be super proud. What do you mean inexcusable? Impermissible — to beat, to humiliate others. And how is it "weak"? Weak — to abandon someone who needs help at that time, how you can help.

Tears are normal. Tears are nature. This purification, this is the last straw, after which relaxation. I'm the Creator of your life. I decide whether I cry or not, good or not. And it's still good! It is not a weakness. It is a respite before a jump and a leap forward. This is a temporary pause to gather strength. It's a vacation. This is a manifestation of life. A conversation with the inner child who always lives in us. This time for yourself. It is a common selfishness.

I cry, but that doesn't mean I've given up. It is understood that not the way to go. It's a reinvention. It is a choice that only in my hands. I cry, I mean soft, warm, alive. Yes, weak. I cry — and, Yes, I am strong! I get up and go on. Now I get to decide ashamed or weak! Ashamed not to cry, and to drive inside to the pressure jump and the onset of symptoms.
Tears are courage, peace and tenderness, it the birth of the new, is the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly and dry grass - into a viable plant. It's friendship, love, understanding. It is "on one wave". It's okay in the end!

I allow myself the softness, tenderness, tears. I give myself the freedom of emotions. I release of the child to freedom. The soul gets wings. She's alive. She could fly. Gentle strength or, still, strong soft?"

My metaphor of tears "rain in the desert, after which the desert bloom". The rain is tears of the desert — soul.

Hopefully, someone my example to be useful.

Babkova Jan
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