"Resolving to love..." under the same name, March 25 in St. Petersburg, will host our meeting. A meeting devoted to the topic of love.

#Love is something very valuable. Unfortunately, many simply do not allow yourself to love... out of fear, the reminder of past relationships, a difficult childhood. This could happen, as in childhood and in adulthood. Parents ' divorce, the refusal of the mother, the orphanage, the constant conflicts of the same parents, first love, no established relationship, betrayal, disappointment, resentment,..

In my practice, I often encounter such a problem.

Opening hands, I see "locks". Looking at your eyes, I see the cold.

You! Yes, You Are! Deep down You know perfectly well why forbade myself to love, to be happy. Any careful word spoken to You on the emotions... "I'll never love!" "I don't want to love!" "I want to be alone!" "I don't want to get married!" It's like the anchor is launched, which will not allow you to go to the open sea.

Know what's going on with these ships? The years of waiting. They expect the captain come on deck. Captain - which will cause the ship to sail. Handsome, courageous, and high ranking.

years Pass. It is not. Captains pass or does not appear on the horizon. And then... the ship thinking, "I would have at least some. Next to them. That is not boring." And if he is "lucky", some will rise. But did not budge this sucker. With a bottle of rum, he will live on this ship. Littered it, humiliating. This typical family in which one spouse is dependent.

However.. if the ship was less lucky. As the years go by. He's the one. Worth all from the very same pier. Tides, tides, the Ship with the years starts to grow old, wood - rot, iron to rust. What's going on in his mind?! The darkness! Cold! Resentment! Anger!

Forbidding yourself to love, You block the energy flow. Block the road to the kind of life about which we dream. br>
What can I do to help? To fall in love! Just... ALLOW YOURSELF to LOVE! br>
*everything that happens Is a reason to close your heart?
first of all You should be loving and patient, and not strong!

Irina Vladimirovna
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