An easy way to add flavor to life


the Taste of life is primarily a taste for what the meet that is a daily occurrence. From this point of view, life is meeting. With people, with work, with home, with you, with information. Life is a stream of meetings.

And often the flow becomes monotonous monotonous: today same as yesterday, and tomorrow will be what it is today. Day after day.

Sometimes, to make this change solved some very exotic things. Attached bungee jumping, open space, adrenaline. Or something else. But even if something could change, in the end, everything becomes monotonous. Day after day.

And then came to a paradoxical question: how to change her life without changing?

the Solution to this issue is completely in a different sphere. Not outside but inside. And important phenomenon, which we may be interested is synesthesia.

Usually this word is found next to the word capacity and even superpower, next to the names of famous composers, poets, artists, and scientists. But this absolutely should not discourage you, because the original components of this ability is in each of us. And if you have, say an orange, why don't you make him orange juice?

Synesthesia can be defined as the connectivity between sensory systems in which the stimulation of one system leads to a response in another. It is important to understand that the response in the other system there is initially not in itself, but as a result of your intention to receive it. Thus, a link is created between your various feelings.


will Take a little practice. Close your eyes and put your hand on any uneven surface. Let it be pits, scratches, bumps; may be it will be from a set of any elements of the joints are well felt with the fingertips. Perfect - vinyl Wallpaper with large lettering.

Keep the hand at the same time presenting these feelings at first in the form of a noise. Cardownie elements creates a distinct rhythm. Spend some time in one place: rhythm repeat, change speed - change tempo. Consider how the change in sensations changes the tone. Melodic phrase what happens? If done a few times in one place melodic phrase is repeated, another location will produce a different tone.

Thus, on any surface on any object recorded sound. Explore other surfaces and other items.


the Way suggested above, you have created a connection between kinesthetic (K) and auditory (A) modalities. This is synesthesia - the connection between sensor systems.
You can create links not only between the kinesthetic and auditory modalities. Available olfactory (O) and visual (V) system. The direction of these relationships can also vary. For example, in our training example, we could explore the transformation of the audible sounds, in feelings, and not Vice versa as we did. So modalities and different variants of the orientation relationships create a vast field for creativity and experimentation; provide an opportunity to add the taste of life.

Add taste to life

At the beginning of lent life was defined as the flow of meetings, and I think that to add flavor to it need not immediately, but gradually, meeting after meeting.

Meet the nature. Every day we meet her: trees, sky, clouds, forest in the distance. Seeing the tree (V) at a distance of "touch" his hand, feel the touch of foliage (To), to feel cold or heat. As we ran her hand along the surface to hear the sound that's recorded on this tree. And you can go further, try this tune for a taste of what it's like?
It seems complicated at first. Actually after some practice, the process is quite fast. What you routinely met begins to take a new dimension, depth. There is interest to explore new things. And knowing this method come to mind these verses:

"And I understand the wisdom and sorrow,
its hidden meaning trust me the items.
Nature, leaning toward my shoulders
will announce their children's secrets."

Meet the culture. read you like a book. But do it now in new ways, with the use of synesthesia. I read start to perceive with all your senses. For example, I read not just the word "sunshine" and feel the warmth of their skin, not just "surf", and the rhythmic noise of the surging water lapping on the shore, feel the humidity, and the drops of salt water on your lips.

Encounter activities. This is what we meet on a daily basis at work. And here again the best approach from one subject to another meeting. Start for example, with some things in the office can be a computer, then go directly to the subject of your activities. Synesthesia in this case can not simply add taste to your activities, but will also contribute to the manifestation of your abilities to it. And should be done all the same - to connect your sensory channels.


And here note these changes in life we do not change, its stays the same always, but we make changes to your stereotype of Association: enriching it with new connections, expanding. So to solve this paradox: life-changing, not changing it. But in this case, change you do.


it May seem that all of the foregoing is an absolute recipe for happiness. Here, take this – do itself everything will be great and wonderful. Don't want to generate false expectations. If all that is stated above, you have the taste of life you will experience, but although the sun shines always, we still are cloudy days. It's not resolved our conflicts, our fears that may stretch back to childhood and many other things. Elaboration and solution to all of this is necessary. So leave here your phone to record on consultation: +7 912 631 08 51.

Prosvirkin Oleg
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