Walking tonight in the center of Moscow, at first involuntarily, and then deliberately began to pay attention to men, and specifically, on the blocks and clamps in their bodies. It all started with the fact that the field emerged the phrase “men are less willing (can) sex and an increasing number of infertile”. No matter who the author of this phrase, but it caught my attention today to the men.

       I Remembered how some time ago, a client asked what she should choose to wait until my husband would go for treatment to the healer, and then again trying to conceive or already to go for IVF. Let's just say by the photos, it was evident that men pelvic, and abdominal block, which do not give man to be a father and if you deal with the causes, all back to normal, but to go into psychotherapy, he, according to the woman, flatly refuses. The affair ended, I don't know, but it's good if the healer that was going to be a man, and even a therapist, because otherwise, the story with the intent to procreate may sink into history.

       recently, frequent pregnancy through IVF, which also is not always of a favorable outcome, despite the fact that attempts, as a rule, and women's health benefits it clearly brings. And the man, as if not taking part in the process of conception at all, as once in childhood, the mother said to do and you have to do without the pleasure from the process, and how “real” man should. People want magic pills, quick solutions. And it does not want to deal with the reasons why a child comes into their life. But IVF is fertilization outside of the body and this is not about love, but about the mechanical fertilization of the egg. With this approach, and soon sex will be abandoned, and now it is not particularly needed in pelvic and abdominal block. People complain about lack of time and money on therapy, while immersing yourself further into the problem. But the same pelvic block, in addition to problems with conception and childbearing (in women), various sexual dysfunctions in both sexes, leads to the violation of the gastrointestinal tract, disease of the feet, chronic fatigue, feeling of lack in your own life.

       the Reasons for the same pelvic block are many: fear of death, abuse, repressed sexuality, the prohibition of sexual arousal, the so-called psychological castration of the boy's mother, caring girls from femininity by rejecting the father…

       of Course, in therapy, working not only with pelvic block, but all of them, which among other things, change the person's breath, it becomes superficial, like a carapace forged entire body and breathing has barely noticeable, shell also blocks the normal flow of vital energy and blood circulation. Blocks can be 7: eye, jaw, throat, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal and pelvic, which is already somewhat described. All the blocks are interconnected, and must work with everyone. Blocks, the causes of which are hidden in the psyche, and her body continued the same effect on the development of various diseases in the organs of the body… But it is necessary to You?

       Work with the psyche through the body, art therapy, or other areas of psychotherapy, helps people become truly alive, active, to be in touch with their sexuality, their lives, their fears, and the world. And not to attract the attention of body-oriented therapists, on the streets ;))






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