An instrument of positive changes in life


the Students of our study group to study arrangements, and during the flood of us - teachers - with questions. These questions forced once again to think about how important and wonderful that has become a familiar and possedness. Change a person's life is the real miracle! And how it makes each of us absolutely unique!


  • How is it that after placement of a person becomes easier, life changing?

Good question.

to Begin with, why life can seem to be severe or heavy. The simple answer of the man himself is looking for trouble and severity.


is not dealing or those there or not with those or not at the time. And does it with persistence worthy of a better cause.

As one very clever man, it is foolish to repeat the same action and expecting different results.

But, if the method of trial and error to try and test in practice a million options, I'm sure people will find something that should, where necessary, those whom it is necessary, when necessary.


What do you need?

to Understand themselves, their interests and goals, to track carefully what or who he helps and who or what prevents him. And after each trial to make the necessary changes-adjustments to their actions.

It's actually very similar to the battle work of artillery. Undershoot, flight, bull's-eye.

This is the training from personal experience.

And the key skill here is to realize what's happening to you. Realize more, then more precisely strukturerade the flow of information coming to you from the outside and inside, more effective, get more dramatic results.

There is one important drawback to this approach to life. Very high cost of personal time.

- You're strong, you can do it!
- I'm smart, I even dare not!

Balance is a great tool for saving personal time, and therefore improve the efficiency of their actions.

If the awareness on practical experience for the desired days, months and years, in the balance of this awareness happens in a matter of minutes.

the depth of understanding depends on the readiness and courage of the client, therapist and group.

If you do not understand why a man plagued by illness and poor health, and the doctors just shrug: "what you want is age! Remember how old you are..." in arrangement to explore this question and to realize that, for example, chronic bronchitis client, it is a way to remember, on the level of feelings, sensations, and even script, the fate of his relative who died of typhoid fever during the construction of defensive boundaries near Moscow.

If a trainee in a firm doing exactly the same thing that the partner and the partner has long rowing money with a shovel, and it is still empty, you can explore this phenomenon in the arrangement. And to see that he is unconscious is a strict ban on wealth and prosperity. And this is connected with the fate of his grandfather, who were dispossessed, persecuted and killed because of the fact that stood out among the villagers the ability to earn.

If a girl after a night of passion, is the strongest irresistible desire as quickly as possible to disappear from the apartment my boyfriend and this drives him into a complete stupor: "I made you Breakfast!", you can explore this oddity in the balance. And get a very clear image of what it takes on this guy as experience with a drunken father.

Instead of having to go and study in several Universities, or work on several jobs (projects), or live in several cities and countries (looks, like, completely absurd), it is possible in the arrangement of the test solution and to feel with my whole body every cell is the most optimal. Sometimes it's the best of the good, and sometimes it's just the lesser of two evils. But the time savings there!

a compilation of useful articles on method

Balance is an explosive, very quick way to expand their awareness and knowledge. It is not necessary to spend years. Need to give yourself sometimes only a few minutes. And life is really changing.

"forewarned is forearmed".

the man's Energy is redirected in a new direction.

  • Instead of anesthesia traumatic experience – energy aims and development!
  • Instead of barren downs – success and prosperity!
  • Instead of diseases and ailments – a great feeling and good health!
  • Instead of scandals and squabbles – the perfect partnership!
  • Instead of helplessness – equipment and confidence!

the Article written in collaboration with Nadezhda Matveeva

In the centre "Olvia" placement and consulting every day.

Yuri Karpenko
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