“a Strong egoism protects against disease, but in the end, you need to start to love, that would not get sick, and only sick when due to the insolvency of their lose the ability to love.”


I wanted to reflect on the disease of our time - narcissism. People are concerned with self-realization and self-actualization. The constant pursuit of accomplishment - business, politics, diet, sport - but for what? Working with narcissistic clients, I find they have a fear of the intervention of various outside forces, often uncertain, i.e. man himself does not know what can prevent it, but afraid of it - who knows what, threatening. This leads to increased self-control and, as a rule, to panic attacks. The subject begins to relate to itself as an object. Also, narcissistic people trying to control the entire surrounding reality, trying to gain omnipotence.

I noticed that people suffering from this was formed in 90-e years 30-35 years. In those years, from America imported, the image of a successful person, and almost everyone wanted to see myself in it. Seeing its mismatch with the ideal desired way, the person sought by all means to pull yourself up to it, usually externally, to others. Then, the interjection of this image, and here, he himself begins to believe in his superiority and omnipotence. Valid I is replaced by I admired in the society. Man becomes, as it were, obsessed this new way, all the forces trying to assign it to yourself. Thus is formed the “alienated identity”. Assume that a panic attack is a riot distant parts of the body. A person is “in the gap” between “I'm real”- (it is) and “I-ideal” (beyond Me). Is formed between the “battlefield”, in which the person is infected with this disease. The outcome of the disease- “double Me”. Consciously desires I yield to the wishes of the other, but unconsciously I desire to build a “defense” and begin to manifest itself bodily.

“fuel to the fire” poured a humanist ideology became anthropocentric. Narcissism has become the norm. But that a man could enjoy himself, he needs the assessment of others. He must see himself in vohimena the gaze of the other. This contributes to envy: “more people admire those who are successful.” And then, the race begins- “I need this thing, not because of need but because it gives me status and admiring glances”.

People wanting approval, admiration, likes ready to flaunt details of his intimate life, to take risks that would make a shocking picture. People are willing to deprive themselves of private life, for the life of the show. There is a kind of paradox: the person who wants to stand out, dissolved in the flow like him. Here, as if by instinct samosohraneniya faced with the instinct of destruction. Personality disappears, and we see the possibilities and abilities of man as a species - it's nothing personal.

the Lack of religious norms, the collapse of socialist morality has led to permissiveness, lack of taboos, blurring the boundaries. People have lost the pleasure of a breach of the ban. Everything is permitted, but no joy. People in the pursuit of joy joined in the race for achievements, but each new long-awaited joy brings. This joy was replaced by the joy of narcissism. This joy needs to be nurtured all new admiring glances. The desire for pleasure gives rise to new requirements, both to themselves and to others - I must reach, and for that I must appreciate. The requirement for the recognition of partially satisfies the desire of love, at the same time suppressing it displaces into the unconscious. Desire directed toward a specific object is displaced, and in return there is a requirement to undefined object. However, libido may not be focused on the indeterminate object, and it is forced to return to own self For an indefinite object concentrate desire Ya first invests libido in the desired image,reaches a certain similarity, falls in love with what I created and assigning it to yourself, falls in love with himself. The concentration of libido on I leads to stress and a partial loss of reality. Not accidentally, people with panic attacks often come as derealization. The reality he perceives as a dream and only the dream comes back to me. Deep down, the person feels his own inadequacy, he has the aggression that he tries to suppress, in order to be loved by everybody. “Social communication” such person is accompanied by anxiety - he's afraid of being exposed.

"only psychoanalysis recognized the knot of imaginary servitude, that love must always untie or re-cut"- J. Lakin.

Laus Elena
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