All our life consists of relationships. And INTER here, the key point.

But often people intentionally or unintentionally introduce a bias in the harmony of the relationship. There are people who seek to manipulate us, and thus, in fact, to save their resources at the expense of our. They pull us by the strings of our desires and fears.

And we don't always know how to resist them – agree and go on about them, thinking thereby improve our relationship, not realizing that its reliability is impossible to earn love, friendship and respect. Rather the opposite, trying to buy the favor of another, people become dependent and inferior status as.

Respect and friendship are not bought - in front of the insincerity and fears destroy them. If You do something without sincere desire, but only out of fear or desire to earn or not lose the friendship, you're being unfair to the partner. After all, true friendship is built on trust and integrity.

Every time you say "YES" out of fear, you drive a wedge in the relationship and alienate themselves from their desires and their lives.

Valuable assistance, when rendered with soul and from the heart. Giving such aid, we also give the energy of love and care that enriches both.

But the forced assistance wraps another black energy of resentment, frustration, anger and destroys both the host and the giver. You remember - well-intentioned road to hell is paved with.

the one who used to always agree, initially it is very difficult to change their behavior, though, because people have become accustomed to us, and they have to us certain expectations.

But over and over again to do it gets easier and easier. And soon all will get used to You new.

you Need to learn to say no calmly and without emotion – not to stand in the rack, not to be offended and not to be angry. It is understood that as your acceptance and your refusal is your right, and in any case not an obligation. Only you are the master of yourself, your actions, your feelings and your thoughts.

If you want to explain the reason for the failure, you can do it, but not excuses - because this opens up the possibility for manipulation.

In any case, be calm and friendly.

Remember that you are the captain of your ship and you decide where to go.

a Life in harmony with yourself
requires the gift to be dissent.

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