the Theme of child abuse and domestic violence against them is always uncomfortable, unpleasant. To talk about it even hard. But we have to talk.

Already grown to victims of domestic violence, remember this is difficult, even on reception at the psychologist, because the pain a person experiences person in my childhood, not to stifle anything.

And, like, the current generation of parents are more psychologically savvy, still somewhere on the Internet once, and slip "philosophical" saying "they beat me and nothing up" or "if it don't beat, so all moron will be".

So people want to say that years 100 - 200 ago infanticide was generally normal things. Going to continue it? I would like to ask or say, and when you beat, then you most like?

it is written adults people who live among us. All those cute moms that we see on the street and we smile in passing at the Mall.

Ill-treatment of children goes far beyond the families of addicts and alcoholics. It is in appearance affluent families. In such families just considered normal to mock those who are weak.

the Problem with these kids is that if "dysfunctional" families still somebody cares (social services), seemingly prosperous families are in a blind spot.

no One will come to law-abiding citizens, and test, not whether they are bullied over her child. Because the child is clothed, shod, fed, and the fact that beaten and intimidated - so, it's the little things. Not for the joy's. (The last two sentences of course - sarcasm)

in addition, children from wealthy families supposedly face the risk of banal victimblaming and hear something like:

"aren't You ashamed to complain? If hit,then, misbehave! Out children do without parents in the orphanages live. And you're fed, shod, and more are here!.But who do you but the parents need?!"

and though: "Who?"

it turns out that to anyone.

I Found a short film on the topic. Watch it just not convenient and not pleasant. But to raise this socio-psychological problem.

Panchenko Julia
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