Thai massage is a unique process that enables us to work efficiently with blocks in the body that store information about the emotional(mental) injuries, wounds, the loss suffered by the person for his entire life.
the human Body shows the blocks that are "ripe", and the movement of energy drives the process of healing.

This is a very careful and delicate work, performed in the Energy flow of Love,giving the opportunity to erase such records and to free man from pain and stiffness, from stress and fear.
Spiritual energy massage gets the ability to fully and deeply feel all that is around, to fully live every moment of life,
learn enjoy oneself and the world.

In this process, no rating: what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is not. It does not cure disease, but rather a gift to the Guest.
the Massage is similar to a smooth and soft dance that allows the Giver not to get tired and not to waste energy during operation, and to constantly be in the flow of the energy of Love, to bestow it generously, guiding in the right direction.

After the session the person feels happy, loved unconditionally,accepted for who is protected, holistic, careless.

a Thai massage is a universal process, fulfilling, healing, and joy is in accordance with Your internal query.
there is no schema, it is always different, and this means that You will get what exactly You need at the moment.

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