Before reading, I propose an experiment. Think about the word "calling." What feelings, images arise? (Roughly speaking – hard and cold or hot air and, gravity or relief?)

make a Note for yourself.

In their pseudo-scientific thinking (as in the business and in terms of training) I'm a great role is given to words and concepts. Man became man because thought. And thinking is built on marks (as written by Vygotsky). The main sign is the word. (There are more numbers, notes, more complex schema.) We fill the word with meaning, forming a concept, make connections between concepts, forming a kind of frame of thinking, which some call mentality. After that we are the product of this framework. Sometimes we break (accidentally or through a specialist :) ), fix it, but more often live as they happened (as merged this frame of words).

Now I would like to parse, but rather to make the approach (because at one time you can not master) to such important people concepts as vocation and mission.

(C) Behold the root. As he said Kozma Bars.

Although, you know, consoles, suffix and end, which I (and probably many of you) are so disliked in school is also very important for packing or, in this case, the excavation of sense.

And I here would be more than happy not to give a lecture, and not to publish articles, but to challenge you to a joint reflection, in a joint search for meanings. As soon as the thought came, come on this article and write down your thoughts. On a piece of paper, in word or in comments to my article. Creativity is more important than absorption of information. Let's create. Together. Ready?

well, dear archeologists of meaning – in a way.

First, let's fool around (and in every joke...)


  1. Try to play with the console: the TITLE.

the Prefix "at" or about the movement of something, or being around, connecting with something.

So calling = to be the one who bears the title? (just kidding)

Or closer to your rank?

Let the title – then calling? ... all my life to justify that name? Strive to the traits of humanity in contrast to animals or machiniste?

And what title would you wear?

  • Go ahead, cognate similar meaning: a call. Now the word is remembered when the guy is turning 18. The title... recruit... some complicated subject went. All "recruit" word, most military, world war II.

the recruit has a vocation?

While he goes to school he has a vocation?

the army?

Or as soon as it is finished vocation (or calling) he's already got the title? And with the title it already no?

Again, stop, think, answer, note.

  • the word "call" also has its own paint. And is not for children. To go to a movie or drinking a beer – this is not a call. You can call in the movies, but can call upon for something important.

4. Call. And who can call me to have a vocation?

Three possible ways

A) Social - people. I somehow after the 11th grade each called to go from our village to the nearest town and to act as an assistant engineer. I responded to this call and entered. As for me, it was boring, uncomfortable, sometimes disgusted. A month later dropped.

Occupations was more than most of my friends.
somewhere called back after dismissal. This "calling" did not respond.

what am I doing? That we can call upon people, society, world.

"the country needs locomotives,
we need the metal!" (C) from imitation of Mayakovsky "You like roses."

(Or it is not the people, events, and situations? why the country needs the metal? And then there is another vector.)

About the ordinary people (like my classmate): Look at who is calling you. Or take a closer look at what he (where than wondered what he was) or what is calling you.

And other people (large), seems to not call at all. Just their voice (text) is calling something else, at least the idea.

the Society (country, community) if you are important to the community (and only in this case you also become "big", I guess), then look – that's important in this community, the country. And it's not about talent or "like". In the furnace all this. Here only could, but would not cross the line. Or step over, but grown-up, realizing that This is something important you give something from myself.

was in my life this period. Community, develop new for Russia, a profession, an important need! And I loved the concept. And worked and worked. But at some point I realized that I do not have enough resources. What? Likely to human attention and communication. The attachment of their forces in something big needs to come back. Probably, strong men can return to themselves, realizing the importance. Here if colleagues would help – I will add, I would be grateful.

B) the Second vector - God, the universe, the Logos, something higher.

But this call to hear? We can hear the shepherds, and to think that there is a God.

What to do? How to look for aegos the Platonic or Socratic demon? Meditation, hearing yourself? I do not know.

C) Ideas. Something simple like "I want in the world..." or ultimate philosophical truth, love, goodness, etc.

G) If the above meditation was published as a separate vector of events that denote them: Events, Trends, Global challenges.

About it a bit I can tell (not a gift from the University with high school students engaged). Take a look at the Atlas of new professions. Think that he's not perfect – you might find something. And look in the list of endangered professions – think before you search for a calling among them.

something else I want to add.

D) Conscience, morality. That which pushes us from within. These are not what really like, but can't - will torment the conscience.

Well. Lied. Promised 3, and came out 5 groups of vectors.

you know what, to hell with categories and groups! Just listen to the call. Who's calling? What is it calling?

And what can we do?

First – to hear. When a name is important to hear.

Second, to answer the call, the call or not answer.

Who is that calling you? How do you respond?

now if, after reading the first paragraph of this article, you decided to answer my call and thought about this term, record Your feelings, the images, go back to them and compare now the same images/feelings or has something changed? Write in the comments. This will be my mini-study.

Summary of the article I will save and read your comments.

the purpose will write tomorrow.

PS. There is a design group with a long analysis of an important group of concepts and creation of a map. Do you need this? Criticisms with arguments are also welcome.

please Write your thoughts. Get involved in co-creation.

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