And how are the psychologists?!


About therapist self-disclosure.

We, the customers, always interesting to look at the present, outside of our meetings, the life of the psychologist.

What he thinks? What feels? And if he was in similar situations? He really understands me, or just because he was taught to speak in universities? And sometimes therapist gives us such a gift. Reveals for a moment the veil of his life and his feelings. This is done very carefully, and always — in the context of the history of the client. And we see: in front of us — people! Not biorobot. He was no stranger to human. He is also “there” was. He passed his therapy, and have achieved their goals. It is the same as we are. We become calmer, safer, and work in therapy will move forward more productively. ⠀⠀⠀

I, like many of today's consultants, blogging in social networks. I do not write dry articles and facts, and professional opinion with the addition of my personality. So, my "self-disclosure” — happens here in the blog.

When I come in and say "Jana, I read Your post and want to discuss it, I answered it», — I understand that nanotechnology is not invented for nothing 😀 Psychologist in the 21st century is no longer a clean sheet and not tabula rasa: the client is always the person and not on regalia, diplomas and statuses.

And here it is necessary to clearly separate the identity of the specialist from his personal life. Taking professional blog should not be there to post pictures from vacation in a swimsuit, their children, mom and husband is already overly open borders, which is unlikely to play well. 

to Monitor its borders in the Internet space - it is the duty and responsibility of the psychologist. For example, you can share what I have, they say, was divorce in life and problems with the separation from my mother, but these issues I've already worked out, and now effectively help our clients to solve them.

But to write current difficulties in life: I got the mother-in-law, children always sick, but loved picked you some flowers while I was asleep, is already "that much" for the blog of psychologist (psychotherapist).

to Summarize.

a Psychologist is a person. The work of the psychologist — personality, coupled with professional knowledge and experience. And personal life and family, after all, let them remain behind the scenes. To do this, each psychologist has a private therapy.

© Ian Rum, family psychologist, specialist in codependency 

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