And how did you come to such life?!


do You feel tired at night?
Who is not familiar with?
You worked, tired, had something to do with interest, pleasure and more - what can I say? routine!
It's exhausting. And at home things are not so simple - always doing: cooking, household, school, etc.
a List for everybody.
How do you want to go! What a thrill in bed!
Anyone know?

All this is our NORMAL life!

But I want to live not just normal, but GOOD, COOL, SUPER!

Here are 5 tips that will help improve the lives and well-being:

1. Before bed to ease the tension.
If you feel stress, it is unlikely that you fall asleep easily. And sleep will not bring deep relaxation.
Do SLOW exercises-stretch, predicates, move SPONTANEOUSLY, that is, as the body.

of Course, wonderful shower, tub, sex, pleasant communication.

2. Mentally summarize the day congratulate yourself on what was possible. Support and reassure themselves about what did not happen.
Think and be positive for tomorrow because EACH tomorrow will be the MAIN in your life, because you can do something NEW!

3. Well you don't look so stupid on the telly!
It is harmful and does not develop!
(of Course do not allow such a ban to the point of absurdity, I do not advocate extreme measures😊!)
See that you are really interested in, because everything is available! At least 10 minutes before bedtime! - psychology, favorite journalist, favorite blogger, favorite topic - recipes, healthy lifestyle - the list is endless. Let it be something interesting, useful experience.

4. Tell yourself:
I rest deeply and soundly.
I am fully recovered.
My sleep is deep and peaceful.
My brain processes information completely and accurately.
My brain deep rest and restored sleep.
My body fully, deeply rests and restores during sleep.
this Morning I filled(a) with energy and joy.
All right.

5. Open to all resources - external and internal. Allow your body, your family (and friends!) to help you out. Allow the world to make something new and wonderful in your life!
do Not expect bad, EXPECT the GOOD!
This position is up to YOU!

If you are "hooked" at least one piece of advice - do it as homework! And the changes will be!

But if you want a more fundamental solution to the problem of fatigue and overexertion - contact me for personal advice. We will find the "key" moments, changes in which will allow you to solve your problem!

good Luck!
And comfortable, deep rest!

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