And how joy, as well sadness?


Students psychologists taught Latin. Accidentally summoned a demon.

Poor demon, he didn't know he had so many problems.

a Joke from the Internet.

Recent years have increasingly began to discuss the topic of seasonal depression and professional burnout. All different ways to relate to this: someone serious, someone with irony. But today I propose to talk not about attitude but about the real facts related to the emotional burnout and the consequences of this.

let's Start with the consequences. Here everything is simple and everyone knows the consequences of this is any kind of dependency, some, or mania, for example gambling. Why? Because addiction often is a substitution of some kind of emotional loss. This is not necessarily the loss of a loved one or people. It may be a loss of interest in what had previously been pleased. For example, to the work he loves. When lost interest, we have a pronounced need is something to replace. We are alive and we need emotions, we need some strong impressions. The easiest way to replace the alcohol. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating a healthy lifestyle, condemning unhealthy. I am for awareness of their actions and the ability to take responsibility for their consequences.

And now let's go in order. To begin with, emotional burnout there are three stages. The first is the emotional devastation. At the training session and I call it "syndrome of a new dress," i.e. when you do not want anything new, even beautiful "mum". Of course, that term is more focused on women. But the situation applies to both sexes. This is the stage when we stop to notice the joy in life. This stage, often, we are blamed on fatigue. But if physical fatigue can be compensated by rest, to restore emotions a bit more complicated.

the Second stage of burnout – depersonalization. At this stage begin to crumble interpersonal relationships. At the training session I this phase called – "kill all, one will remain." We are starting to get tired of communicating with people in General. People increasingly begin to irritate us. On whom we begin to disrupt in the first place: whether colleagues, loved ones or whether to clients, this is the second question. First question: WHY do we business?

and the third stage is reduction of personal achievements. Here we begin to doubt the value of the work in its usefulness. In training, I call it "hate everything and everyone". We are beginning to irritate some workflows, which previously seemed natural. We begin to believe that we pay too little for our work, or we begin to doubt that our work is somehow necessary or that it has at least some value. And, before our work we were quite happy, and we were well aware of the conditions and the wages. In addition, we are beginning to envy more successful people, to berate them for their success, to diminish their achievements.

don't Get me wrong: I'm not going someone to scare or panic the blue. I again give a reason to think. The idea of my article boils down to one simple thought: we can do a lot not to notice or ignore, but to hide from problems and to solve problems, a different state. I suggest at least sometimes, when you felt sad and you decide to pour yourself a glass of wine, and maybe more than one, or maybe find some other alternative to alcohol, stop for a minute and think about why you do it. If within 30 seconds you answer this question, we can continue. If not, put the glass and try to realize that your life is not. The recognition of the cause helps to solve the problem. Just want to say honestly that the awareness of complex and quite a long way. Do not build illusions on this score. Good luck to you!

Ivanova Svetlana
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