And I want today...


do You remember how, then, in the beginning, when you fall in love the first few times - you very sincerely carry their feelings to the second person.

And after two or three cases of rejection or indifference to our attention (and who is enough for one) suddenly comes up with the idea - I'm forcing myself.

And then the game begins in different ways of the subconscious and emotions with this "imposed".

Resentment, pain, anger.

And the man never renounced and never. Not to write first, not to go forward, not to take the initiative, not to marry for love....

And now, the beginning of a relationship, and... Manipulate. How to say, how to engage, how to make sure to hold on me your attention. How to do so, to chose me.

And fear, fear, fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of love and not a metaphorical death. Adult is difficult to die from someone else's dislike, but the pain we don't love as children, even when they grow up.

But the thing is only that then, in the beginning, because our self-esteem crept in the reasoning error.

the Man who is not interested to communicate with us - not our man.

Just not even worth the time to spend to gain the attention of the person I am as a person without war and hunting are not interesting.

Which is not interesting to me just to talk, just in front of my sink, just to be there and know that I also have.

If you start to build the relationships necessary for manipulation - what are they?

Here I look at a person and I like it.

Yeah, I may not like him, and he has that right. And I'm not some sort of bad.

on closer communion can find that I saw him as someone else. The most "turned out to be - thought". I give person some traits, do not see him as he is and as I want to. In this case, is to admit to myself it happened and stop trying to change the man.

it is Better if everyone can find a suitable partner. The one that will fit without alterations.

At some point you get tired to manipulate and respond to manipulation.

love is the pure energy that flows. You don't have to hide it.

If a person needs it and all mutually you will be together.

If not - then You and that person along the way. Just a thought.

you Just have to go on, and he will meet.

a Sense of respect for yourself and your partner, to life.

Inna Boyko
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