the Holidays are generous time for wishes!

We wish happiness to each other every holiday along with health and social achievements, but at the same time hear from all sides that this happiness a little something is achievable.

there's no total happiness.

That there are only rare, bright moments that are remembered for a lifetime.

if you ever gather some happy moments, then you're in luck!

is that really true?! Are we doomed to misfortune to catch his rare moments as breaths?!

My gut always rebelled against this idea of happiness.

the Probability of total happiness was about the same as my personal flight to the moon.

But I was looking for answers to the touch, no matter what, it seemed to me that you can be totally happy that you can be happy and live the hard periods.

happiness is not a reaction to events rather stable state in which they live, sleep, climb a mountain, fall and their bumps, Yes, even dancing on the rake. All this is not a hindrance to happiness.

And, Yes, happiness for everyone!

But there is a common ground – live in harmony with themselves, their values, their understanding “what is good and what is bad».

Only in accord with your soul, a person can be totally happy.

Now I don't think now I'm totally happy for several years, so no, it's not fleeting and passes.

For me, happiness is – to be paired, where 1+1 is much greater than each individually.

Happiness is – to understand each other without words, to enjoy the conversations, to make common cause, not to understand each other, starting to talk and realize that we were silent about the same.

Happiness is – is to understand that you can do different things and to be together. Make different decisions and be together. To inspire each other and enjoy the success.

Happiness is – it is equally to understand how the World works.

Happiness is – to rejoice that we bake Christmas cakes and the fact that now I do not want them oven.

Happiness is – it is easy to perceive the agreement and waiver.

Happiness is to be a guide to happiness.

the Happiness to inspire.

my happiness is tightly intertwined personal and professional.

At the same time I have a lot of daily challenges and tasks, but they do not overshadow my happiness. On the contrary, from happiness to solve them is much nicer.


what is happiness for you?

as you are or feel?

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