And Is An Introvert


If your close entourage appeared introvert - garner air, go dip.)

Because introverts do not know how to "simplify" and "no steam". They are "steamed". And Yes. They are - complex.

Introverts live in their own world,which can change shades from bright pink to black-and-white. It is attractive,and there is always a risk of being dragged there. Not the fact,of course,that introvert You let go-these people are very selective in communication, but if it happens...

no One else will love You, care about You, your sincere interest You as an introvert. Every person is special, exceptional individual, but only with the introvert You will be able to feel it in full measure. After all, in any relationship, the introvert will not move in width and depth. To Your center. To Your fact.

And it is good for all but the introvert. Because the flip side of his susceptibility - high sensitivity and strong vulnerability. Introvert not only the happy moments going through emotionally. No. It and and always deeper. And offense is experiencing is sharper. And it heals longer.

So he didn't have many friends. Therefore, the relationship with an introvert will never be forgotten.

Introverts have a fantastic flair - in a crowd they accurately define their "own"- such as introverts. And if they agree-then create their "cell", his language,his "comfort zone".And if you knew, how comfortable they can be together! Because "not worried" they are only about one thing - how they are perceived by others.)

the Child - introvert to calculate easily.These are children who are not inconvenienced privacy. They can spend hours reading books, or drawing something on paper. They have a brooding look, and in conversation they're often looking off into the distance,or down, because aimed, mainly, at myself. To their inner world. Which revealed scatters his wealth only in the circle of those whom he trusts. In any group the child is an introvert will tend to bond with one person. They have kindergarten there is a "best friend", and on the Playground the child is an introvert probably will looking at the bugs, and carefully build sandcastles than chasing other children.

What to do if Your environment is an introvert?

first, to accept it as a gift.)

secondly, in any case not try to change it.

thirdly, keep it reverent attitude to You.

What you can't tell an introvert?

"don't worry". br>
He will not forgive You.) Because to hear from a loved one "don't worry", for the introvert is equal to being devalued, unheard, rejected. Yes, to You he'll stop "sweating", i.e., turn off something important. But from the inner circle, most likely, You will strike out.

So... take care of their introverts.) And You will return this respect is redoubled tenderness.)

Psychologist Victoria Sando.

Victoria Sando
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