And it's not too much for me?


How is measured the beauty of a person? And kindness? Honesty? truthfulness? Each has its own measure, he and the "measures".

And how do you measure insecurity?

as synonyms in this complex word with different, sometimes conflicting content. For example, shy, shy – good or bad? For some it's a negative, a sign of weakness, and for another – a big plus, and sympathy for man – "humble, not superfluous will ask."

What are the terms not only refer to self-doubt – wrong perception of themselves, inferiority complex, low self-esteem. Any of the listed names, in fact – a manifestation of a deep internal anxiety about their place in life. And, moreover, all: both insecure and arrogant, it would seem that Bravo making their way through life.

the biggest trick lies in the fact that the uncertainty is solely the opinion of the person about yourself.

Opinion of himself is laid in early childhood, the first incentive and encouragement touchy-feely, or, in nervous anxiety shout mom. The child who "Parcival" - from the earliest period of growing up, do not perceive the world somehow, and that with it something not so, in others, and this and that, it turns out, and he has every step, all the stumbling.

with age, it's hard to avoid thinking that he was the one that constantly screws up. But it is only his opinion of himself.

other people Have similar problems, and coming the same uncertainty with enviable frequency, but having understanding of yourself: "I'm valuable, I'm fine, it's temporary setbacks" - the person actually makes the step to cope with failure.

That looked like self-doubt of a girl who couldn't accept himself even in the happiest moments of her life when she was in love with when she was in love with a young man who offered her his hand and heart.

"Not too good for me? For me it all? Maybe it's a coincidence, but I am not worthy of all this? How could to happen to me? Do I deserve this? I understand that such privileges can use the very talented and beautiful people. I am not one of them: neither beautiful nor happy nor rich.

it Turns out that I'm cheating everyone. And others, friends and strangers that will come soon. They gather here and you'll understand immediately what's wrong with me something wrong that I don't fit. So, honestly – would not meet their perceptions and aspirations. I am the cheater, a liar, not a confident girl, about we have in the village said: "no skin, No faces"

And most importantly – I'm cheating on him! As soon as his parents see me, they will understand immediately – that he can't see who I am? And he, too, will see it too! Understand that I was wrong when I said I love you and live without me can not.

And I, I, Sally! Rushed this way the distance far, for the first time in my life, and not somewhere well somewhere, and far away, and to his wedding! On his own!"

the Girl looked sadly in the mirror.


the Old, slightly darkened by time, the mirror was staring at a beautiful girl, with chestnut curls of hair, with huge eyes, filled with blue lakes, her slightly turned up nose, thin graceful figure.

the Mirror looked at the girl, her large pea tears running down a face, listening to her sobbing and prisayanie.

Mirrored heart shrinks from pity for the girl, so I wanted to say to her: "You are the most worthy and beautiful of all the ones I've seen in my lifetime!"

Just to say out loud, unfortunately, the mirror could not.

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