And it will pass



    the Feeling of happiness, what is it? How can I describe it? And how to feel? And can it somehow keep? It seems that today it is possible to feel completely happy, full and harmonious. But tomorrow, this feeling is lost from one of the heard words, or even the thought flashed.

    How can one learn not to lose? And is it possible? And then comes the next question - is there a status that you can hold, because it's so nice to be?

    Answer all of these questions can be different. In working with clients and in my personal therapy, I gradually accepted the fact that our life consists of UPS and downs, the feeling of flight is replaced by a feeling of falling into the abyss and feel that you will never be out. What I learned from all this? What permanent nothing. Yes, this truth is as old as the world, the ring of king Solomon is not one story. And they are all one - "Everything goes. And this too shall pass."

    At a certain time I came to the idea that we can read some wise saying, or story, we can love, we can even "post" them somewhere and then leave and possibly forget. And there is something else understanding and acceptance of this wisdom. When you come to it by their own labor, their personal inner experience, your feelings, pain and blood, so to speak... And understand that meaning is not in the eternity of joy and peace in life. Everything passes and everything changes.

    And what we really can do is to learn and to find myself. To know your center, your self, and take her with all the emotions and joy and sorrow, anger and forgiveness. When you are happy, you give up to that feeling and moment; when you grieve, you know what, and why now you are experiencing these emotions. Process. To be in the process of recognition itself. Every day all events are arranged in such a way that you could draw nearer to him, to uncover their potential, to be realized.

    a Great resource in this way may be psychotherapy. In a safe space where you accept as-is, with all the emotions and experiences. And there's room for them. The world around may change, but the volatility suddenly you find continuity. Support in on themselves and not on others. And confidence that a lot can happen, but you have yourself, and you will be able to live and move forward in this amazing process called life.

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