And let's do it then! Procrastination.



And let's do it tomorrow!!!
how Often do you hear that little voice in your head?
He's such a nice friend: "Why are you doing this? Get some rest now! Still have time to do everything".🕓🕘

I Think that everybody knows this. The science is called:
PROCRASTINATION is the tendency to continuously postpone even the most important and urgent cases, which leads to life problems, stress and against the background of these adverse effects to disease.

it May seem that procrastination is the usual laziness, but it's not. I will try to show an example:
✅Lazy people do not want to do, it is important that used it had not been touched, did not prevent him to relax and not forced to do something. Attempts to force the lazy to work can cause a protest, aggression and reluctance at least a little bit in something to understand.

✅Procrastinator, on the other hand wants to do and he has a problem. The key point of differentiation is that for procrastination, we need the presence of that delay.

unfortunately, the procrastination common to almost all. Everyone has a bunch of examples of how he did nothing when it was necessary. A classic example are the students at the session, trip to the dentist, the repair in the house.🏘🏗

by Itself, the procrastination it would seem not very terrible thing. Well, I think people do not have time to do everything and lays, often late, promises not fulfilled. What is so bad?

❌And a negative moment is accompanied by this style of conduct periodic stress, guilt, anxiety and fear, and physiological manifestations. Also the procrastination is not much appreciated by his superiors, and loved ones do not really like that.

❌Consequences can be very different: diseases of various kinds, difficulties at work, difficulties in the family.

❎just note that such negative consequences can be only in extreme cases. If you did a quick workout or have a project at work that you are already half a year can not do or aim for approaches where you just lie in its direction, it is unlikely to lead to such serious consequences.

👨🎓How can one learn not to postpone all on then??? Most knows the most difficult time before starting work, do not want to do, the body refuses to get out of bed, and the brain begins to mimic fatigue. But if to overcome this condition and start doing, it immediately becomes easier, and fatigue retreats. The completion comes as a pleasant and can even be a sense of pride!!!💪🏻
✅Want to offer you a phrase that will help you get started unwanted, but such important work, "I'm going to do it for 2 minutes and if after 2 minutes, decide I didn't want to do that, then stop".
✅Another method of dealing with procrastination based on the ability of the brain to addiction. When we make a list, usually the most important things is at the beginning. Well, how else, they'll most priority and important to be done first. A case easier to write in the end of the list, and often deal only with the Affairs of the lower lines. In many years of such planning, our brain began to associate the case of the first lines with negative emotions, and the case of the lower lines with positive emotions.
So try to do the opposite. Important down and take it easy up there!!! And see what happens. This method is well established and none of the times tested.
✅Also to defeat procrastination, you must learn to identify your inner voice. Let's call this inner voice a procrastinator. It may be different:
✔affectionate and caring (take a rest, you're tired poor thing)
✔business (no time will do later)
✔nihilists (haha this is all you need, forget it)
✔right now, right now I do (just a moment and look through the tape and to start)
✔optimist (we still have time, have plenty of time)
✔perfectionist (yet not enough resources and knowledge that would make ideal).
Therefore, it is desirable to record all the thoughts that arise in moments of postponement of cases. Then re-read them all and work separately with each. Next, find the arguments that are opposed to these thoughts. All that will help, starting with the logical justification of mainstreaming goals in mind, ending with the motivational sayings and phrases. And in those moments when the sound in my head of such thoughts, to engage in dialogue.
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Lukomsky, Ivan
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