And the other girl does it better!


And the other girl does it better!

What a familiar words)) How not to think about it? You can look at others and learn from them. But not to compare! Each had a different start in life. Different words we hear from parents. What is more familiar - praise or criticism, the arms or the belt, “you can” or “your hands are not from that place”?

My parents were ordinary workers, dad a mechanic and mom – nurse. They are no longer with me. I regret that in life we could be friends. And I didn't have much support - and no one knew what it was.

But the lessons of life. Mom turned to account. And dad could always earn the repair of refrigerators, and not just waiting for the salary. And it became my picture of the world – that is always possible and necessary not to wait, and earn it yourself.

everyone has a experience of freedom or restrictions, care or destruction of desires – so you can not compare your achievements with what other people have. It's pointless and unfair.

But what to do now, if not to compare? – asked Kate, some kind of emptiness inside. What am I supposed to rely on? Something to strive for?

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There is a wonderful output and the best guide.

- Now you can compare yourself with yourself! The only way to live. You have so much room for activities! Look what you could a year ago, and what you can now. Yesterday you berated himself for his imperfection, and today you respect yourself and think about how to develop your business. You learn and grow every day, just notice it.

Such comparisons only increase your self-esteem, gives a great mood! And inspire development. Whatever you do – well done! And it's true. If you look at the other – whatever you do – someone will still make more. Stop this “a drag race”.

Your status depends entirely on which way you look. Fix your gaze and you will be much happier and do much more. This is not a call. It is a fact of life.


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