And then 1 229 904 000 and .... K a p e y!

In the office, I have two tables on two police officers. One talk I, as a witness to one of disgrace, with a second Converses the other man called for another reason. Involuntarily listening to the conversation. Look at him. My age. No kids, no job, lives with his mother. Chronic diseases HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, and that, I suppose, not the whole list. Fell for the purchase and use of "salt". Salt! I wanted to say: "Buddy, why are you so harsh with me in this life has finished?".

And then I thought: "severely?" It's not like "bullet in the head" - Bach and flew. It's gradually, slowly, in small steps. There is a small choice in the wrong direction. There's a little, the solution is not there. Here a compromise. Then closed my eyes for a second and was allowed to happen. They agreed and took part in something not very serious And most importantly, in these moments people surround well, not the worst. And it looks rather amusing. And not at all scary. And most importantly, there is always some explanation or excuse.

Every second we make a choice. Often it is small, tiny. Every second. Little by little this way or that. A drop in one direction or another. And in this moment. And in the previous one. And in the next.

In 39 years of life, these seconds accumulate 1 229 904 000. Each of them was made some tiny choices. And two people were in the same office, sitting two feet from each other. One got up and went to family and children, and even to work it is necessary to call. Second went to wait for him again will be punished, and maybe he will die early... '

something me is today getting through to .... I don't know where.... Very deep... Very...

so Here, take 1 229 904 000 funny and not serious solutions. And sometimes even solutions very correct and uncontested seem! And then op.... and sitting in the office in of an investigator who wrote in the Protocol that you "salt" use a bunch of diseases you have with the honey Handbook, and your life is complete shit...

But as they started! They are beautiful newborns. They also Shine. All. All, without exception! Keep the crumbs on his hands and overjoyed. And me and every one of you was holding, admiring the light, full of admiration.

Yes, childhood is different. And mine was hard. And we all are products of the system that we have created. And all of us did something. But at some point we must take responsibility for what we are going to do with the fact that we did. How do we live with what is left.

Vyacheslav Kozlov
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