And want, and prickly... Or doubt, burn our energy.


are you Familiar with the situation, when you day-to-day experience rather unpleasant feeling of something unfinished, a feeling unmatched solutions, undone choice? For example, you have a great idea, then suddenly appeared as a great alternative. You with interest and anticipation of the implementation of the plans studied both versions... But just can not decide. Both options are good! And then can't decide. And then. Is there a fuse not gone, but you stayed in the same place.
Personally to me this situation is familiar. Rather, Oh, how I know!

the consequences of doubt?

Someone may choose to stay with her husband or go to her lover. As a result of the constant state of "between two fires" emotionally burned out, and don't want no family, no sex. Do not want to. Only to back off and that and the other.
Someone can choose in what field to work. As a result of no work no money, the pursuit of self-realization unsatisfied, self-esteem plummets. Do not want to. Don't let anybody pull with questions.
Someone can't choose what city to move. The result is to live in your godforsaken town... (let's call this place a town)) with a population of one and a half diggers, and the lack of any prospects. Potential finds no way out. Do not want to. Just to the Colorado beetle does not eat Yam in the area last year.
Someone can choose, a latte or cappuccino, Caesar salad with chicken or salmon, a ball pen or gel. And as a hundred times a day. There are generally only "prickly" and "want" in sight and there was not.
Someone cannot choose to write an article on the topic of the question or on the topic of jealousy:) as a result of stale content and 11 subscribers (though the best in the world!). Do not want to. Just a latte:) //All examples are fictional, any coincidences are accidental//

What happens?

where "want" - there is energy, there is active, there is life. But "prickly" is about the fear, about a stupor, about the passive state, about the void. About the fact that energy is not being used purposefully, and is languishing inside. Burnout. And this place is a void. For the mind there's nothing worse than emptiness. Avoiding the void, unconsciously we seek to go anywhere, most often in the negative. With unhealthy lingering doubts, the choice is not in favor of best, and in favor of the fact that our unconscious wants. This is a separate issue. That really wants unconscious, I will do a separate post sometime.

What to do?

usually, people make a choice either fast, or never. And then, "and want, and prickly" turns into "when pigs fly".

If you are in doubt, you should immediately proceed to the choice. Techniques of decision making when selecting from two or more alternatives a lot. At least the same square of Descartes. An excellent technique that will quickly help to make a concrete decision.

But the truth is that the condition of unhealthy, paralyzing doubt - this is not a consequence of the emergence of alternatives. The inverse relationship. Alternatives instantly tightened, like bees to honey (almost a different metaphor not led)), in the period when life tells us that it is time to act, and the condition of doubt is the background, timeless. And all to act will not, until you choose. Next thing you know. Descartes himself will not help here.

Therefore, it is necessary to do this - remove the internal condition of doubt exists. Since background conditions dominated by the unconscious, the self is hard to do. Faster, more efficient and safer with the support of a professional psychologist.

I work in the analytical approach related to depth psychotherapy. Such is change unwanted internal States, referring to the unconscious client.

If after reading you have any doubts, make an appointment or not... Then draw a square of Descartes:)

Write in the comments what Caesar prefer, put the huskies, if you just like to eat as I do:)

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