And what dreams do you see?


do you Remember your dreams when you Wake up? What do you dream? Do you have recurring dreams that bother you, and you want to understand? Do you dream about nightmares or perhaps you all night long flying over the city, staying in a blissful state? What feelings do you Wake up? Whether you want to share your dreams with people you love?

did you know that during sleep a person spends a third of his life, and it is approximately 15 to 30 years, depending on the duration of his years. The man in the dream, living the second life, which he is not always aware, but which coordinates all of his real life. Any attempt to reduce sleep can affect our psyche.

Why would a man sleep? The dream fulfils the natural need of the body to rest, both biological and psychological. In the dream, the person ceases to interact with the outside world and, as it returned to its "fetal state", where it was dark, warm and safe. Dreaming is a way through which speaks to us our soul (or psyche).

Since ancient times, mankind has tried to decipher dreams and gave them prophetic, religious and healing sense. It was believed that during sleep the person communicates with God, and to the interpretation of dreams was allowed only to the initiated. People who saw significant dreams were considered blessed by the heavens.

Freud believed that dreams are the Royal road to the unconscious. Dreams are vital. They have integrative, protective and creative functions. It seems that sleep is not served, no logic, but in fact, you even can not imagine what work has your mind while you sleep. Sleep is a complex product, which can be played drama, tragedy, Comedy of your life. It is possible to observe and feel all forms of art from poetry to impressionism.

the Task of dreaming to make a secret revealed and the brighter your sleep, the more likely it is that other ways to you hard to reach. Dreams show what we want, think, feel and often disgusting, scary, silly for us to understand. In General, what we often hide from others, and from themselves.

Why are our dreams so confusing? Our unconscious all night working to encrypt the meaning of dreams. This can be pushed out to all our fears, conflicts, unfinished business, sexual desires, emotional experiences, but censorship distorts everything, thanks to the protection mechanisms of the psyche. This kind of displacement to protect our psyche from the unbearable anxiety and "overheating". When the censorship fails, then we see bad dreams. Would you like to see and feel what happened, if all the problems flooded into your mind? It broke not one person. But with these problems it is possible to work gradually, unloading your psyche. Only you can know the deep meaning of the dream, and the specialist can help you look deeper and see much more.

Analysts give the interpretation of dreams is of particular importance and consider it a full-fledged product of the psyche. The interpretation of dreams study in order to achieve a therapeutic effect, not out of idle curiosity.

Your dream is an intimate part of your psyche and share them is only with the people you love that positively you are set up or with professionals. The interpretation of dreams is not carried out without the dreamer. The dream speaks to the person in the language that is available only to those who sees it. The same images in a dream may have quite different values for one or the other of the dreamer, no one in the General scheme of interpretation of dreams. Do not try to understand the meaning of your dreams online, or through dreams, you are there only to get confused. To help them you can only help the analyst, who specifically for this study. As a rule, a good psychoanalyst accumulate their experience, to develop a sensitivity to unconscious processes, is able to see meaning and to convey it in understandable language of the dreamer.

the Interpretation of dreams is not fun for fans. As a rule, behind every dream is someone's real life, with its traumas, feelings, fears, tragedies and secret desires. When a man tells us a dream, he hopes for understanding, help and support. The man who owns the art of interpretation of dreams can harm the dreamer, even from good intentions.

If you were wondering, I'll be glad to help you with your dreams and invite to his advice and therapy.

Golovchenko, Olga
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