And what to do about it?


And what to do about it? The question often sounds in my office. Perhaps it somehow defines me as a psychologist, perhaps. What to do with it? I now and then in the past, do not know the answer to this question. For me it's a little bit drunk question, which requires the psychologist to also be a little drunk, I mean, telling someone what to do with his life, I, as if intoxicated with the client's vision of his life as a cartoon in expedited screening, bring him the facts and arguments in favor of following my own guidelines, and then, after some time, when the client follows up all the points obtained from me the plan, he will present this list to me, and finds out that it's not working. And then, having drunk question, I understand that drunk was me.
If I'm looking for a way from point A to point B, I will inevitably deny the existence of the path and of the phenomenon of "stay in the path" for me exist only intermediate points, reference points, beacons and landmarks, but not "now", "here", "be" and Ya Is a feeling that smearing themselves in the space-time axis I get out of the painful routine and get rid of the hated painful image of Y. But coming to another point on the map, I note that even though the landscape has changed, but I'm not. Changed my existence in itself, I changed nothing to something has changed. I keep trying to change the frame but not the canvas drawn in it. The question "what to do with it?" personally I have is close to the phenomenology of the position -"do nothing". If you consider me as a subject of action, and the circumstances around me, objects of my action, moving from point A to point B, I don't see the point, namely, the interaction between me and the objects. I don't need to move to be in the middle of traffic. This phenomenon of observing my own interactions and feelings that fill this collaboration, in my opinion, provides the key to understanding the essence of "problems" that is up to the client.
I don't know what to do with it simply because I don't know what I'm dealing with, and whether this is generally something to do. The question of interaction between me and the object, it is a question about my need, and about my injury and about my ability to see the world. And if it turns out to a result of observation of the phenomenon of interaction between me and the world that there is no interaction, then what can I think about the question "what to do with this?". I think if you immerse yourself in this observation, we can see many things that were previously not visible due to concentration on the points A and B, namely, you will see yourself, and then it turns out that the object with which I was going to do something, is me myself. From itself will not go away. But I really want to go to point B, beyond the horizon and hide there in the next big idea about the promotion to his next target, item V.

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