do I Need to get out of an emotional addiction? Everybody decides this question for himself. If something is holding you in an uncomfortable relationship, then there is some hidden benefit from such a scenario.

to better understand and appreciate the meaning of what is happening, for a moment imagine how would look your life if there ‘out’ loved one. Or not quite close, but is the object of your passion. Not always, this pattern will please.

For the situation analysis will be useful to understand whether you live. That is the joy, the desire to move, to communicate? If nothing vshtyrivaet in addition to partner relationships, this will be the answer to the question.

Another test: is there a relationship really? Not the fruit they your imagination. It is not excluded that the so-called partner has no idea that he is a partner. Currently lives quietly with his life, and especially not steamed. And especially, do not think about your problems, or even know about them.

Can you imagine they made up the novel, and brought him their dreams in life. As a variant – in a boundless virtual space. In which many of the fishers of men. And even more those who have no souls does not catch, and sometimes even blocks them by reason of urgency.

in short, before you jump right into attempting to get rid of the notorious emotional dependence, empty it out on the shelves. Whether it is at all, which resource you get from the current position, And try to honestly articulate what you want really.

If you look impartially, and addiction, and codependency, and even the actual lack of relationship is also life. One of its manifestations, and often the most colorful and memorable. Not for nothing, many women, "cured" emotional addiction secretly miss the lack of strong feelings, you feel the emptiness in my heart.

the Most important thing is not to hang labels. Someone so called your actions, it is unclear why classified them in this way. And before that it was called "love", "passion", and was proud to have survived something like that. The knights competed for the attention of the inaccessible and cold ladies. Coquette practiced in the art of flirting. One word was full of life!

 © Angelica Bogdanova, 2019

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