"the Sleep of reason produces monsters"
Francisco Goya

the Level of obscurantism rolls.

the forum group of residents LCD. I read this treatment:

"Good evening! Asking anonymously! Help, please!
Girls! After a visit to relatives, communication with which I just can't protect Sonny, he was very bad to sleep and just some restless, and sharply it was from that day. We went to the doctor, say healthy. Friend says about the evil eye, don't know what to think. Please tell me, what helps"

the signature of the author no, and maybe, the post was posted by the admin of the page to excite the audience of subscribers, or just someone to have fun.

And he went further comments the real followers of modern women, mothers, and from these reviews it becomes uncomfortable.

We have a small was washed with Holy water after any visits adults
need to remove the evil eye

Especially the "laugh" next. The Internet as a search tool means against the evil eye:

I also think that it is jinxed. Search the Internet for how to remove it.
can just go with him to Church (live with him) to pray for him, for myself, and even for the cousin, to wish her good health. Prayer to God is the way to go. I would have done so.

Write to me in PM, will share the contact checked grandmother.

Rcomentou from such "guests" right in front of the entrance to the house to hang the icon of the mother of God seven arrows, very helpful. "Well-wishers" even in the house don't pass

Spoon and fork in an odd number to pour a glass of warm water to wash three times and wipe the left side of the garment on the mother

On the attempts of the men to give a different, adequate assessment of what is happening - in response and aggression:

Dmitry X: I believe all the evil eye and spoilage from idleness. Give it to the sports section, so one day he was exhausted in full, then it will improve appetite, sleep is simply by taking a horizontal position.

Angelica PS : I hate that this topic got are of the male gender , which is not fucking Peter in the problems which come from their "penny" to put! this is a purely female subject of mothers !

who does not believe in the evil eye go past this theme !

the only Consolation is the hope that adequate and sensible people in these threads do not write, and I want to believe that they are the majority.

Belief in God, rituals and the sacraments, it is certainly nice. I'm not talking about the fact that spiritual and moral values that gave the Christian religion to mankind is difficult to overestimate.

moreover, I do psychic and other unexplained phenomena does not believe an absolute fiction, a fraud and evil. br>
But the forced large-scale introduction of any idea to the masses leads to its primitivism, and ultimately distortion. br>
what kind of attack on the human mind, science do in the last time the Church and the media, leads in General to a drop in the level of culture, education, and in particular, to the lack of simple human common sense, ability to soberly assess the situation and take appropriate action, and, as always, first and foremost, children.

that in the 21st century we see and read these "opinions", can not frighten, or at least disturbed.

the Scary thing is that a crying hysterical child instead of the examination and medical treatment will be washed in warm water, wiped off by the edge of her mother's gown, will become a victim of my mother's "negligence".

in addition, the child forever will be held hostage to the mother's anxiety, emotional instability, neurosis, and will be doomed with her flinch at every appearance of "glazovoy aunt", or any other situations that are imaginary threat. br>

Indeed, "the sleep of reason produces monsters" and, I might add, hurts people.

Yevgeny Kulikov
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