Anthropophobia is a fear of people or group of people.

the Man with anthropophobia not just communicate in a team, public speaking seemed to him an impossible task, and even spend time one-on-one difficult and painful.

Anthropophobia can be one of the symptoms of social anxiety disorder, or other personality disorders and may be an independent disorder.

Causes of vozniknoveniya may be a past negative experience, education, long stay in a state of stress, as well as in a situation of constant psychological and emotional abuse, physical threat or abuse.

In some cases there is no clear particular reason why suddenly people began to avoid contact.

a Distinctive feature of androphobia from social phobia that people are afraid of people, always and in all situations, not just some or certain, for example, when a large number of people during public speaking fear, and in other situations, the presence of people do not bother.

If anthropophobia people afraid in all situations, even the presence of friends and relatives can be unbearable.

the Person experiencing the fear of the people, of course realizes that his fear is exaggerated, for no good reason, this fear is illogical. But his phobia is so stronger than him, that affects his daily life, and to education and the profession, so he has to organize his life, that interaction with people was minimal.

In extreme cases suffering from this disease can do to refrain from personal communication with other people, and for the use of the correspondence: letters, e-mail and SMS.

Anthropophobia is manifested, among others, autonomic symptoms, the person may begin to sweat, it can shake, it can blush, he can be interrupted or shallow breathing, can increase the pressure and increase heart rate Can be confused thinking, difficulties with the formulation and expression of thoughts and many other symptoms when the person is required to leave immediately and to be alone, because even the presence of one person for him to bear.

If you notice signs similar to the anthrophobia, if you cannot cope with them yourself, you need to consult a specialist who can work with such disorders. At the initial signs of andropogoneae will take several sessions. The most effective for this disorder is cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

Lydia Shumyna
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