”In the modern, dynamic world, where sometimes not enough time even to sleep, it is important to maintain emotional calm, because it gives us the confidence, health and beauty. I suggest You use the technique of relaxation, in order to harmonize your inner world and just relax.”

1) Lie (or at least sit down) comfortably in a quiet, dimly lit room; clothes should not hamper your movements.

2) eyes Closed, breathe slowly and deeply. Take a breath and for about ten seconds, hold your breath. Produce exhale slowly, watch for relaxation and mentally say to yourself, “Inhale and exhale, like ebb and flood”. Repeat this procedure five or six times. Then relax for about twenty seconds.

3) expertly cut individual muscles or groups. Hold the contraction up to ten seconds, then relax your muscles. Thus, go through the whole body. When you do this, watch carefully what happens to him. Repeat this procedure three times, relax, shut off from everything, nothing to think.

4) Try as specific as possible to imagine the feeling of relaxation that permeates you from top to bottom: from your toes up through calves, thighs, torso to head. Repeat to yourself: “I calm down, I'm glad, I'm not worried”.

5) Imagine the feeling of relaxation permeates all parts of your body. You feel as the tension leaves you. Feel relaxed your shoulders, neck, facial muscles (mouth can be open). Lie quietly as a “rag doll”. Enjoy the feeling experienced by about thirty seconds.

6) Count to ten, mentally saying to yourself that with each subsequent digit of your muscles increasingly relax. Now your only concern is about how to enjoy a state of relaxation.

7) there is a “revival.” Count to twenty. Say to yourself: “When I reach twenty my eyes will open, I will feel cheerful. Unpleasant tension in my limbs will disappear.”

This exercise should be done two to three times a week. At first it takes about a quarter hour, but with sufficient mastery of them, relaxation is achieved faster.

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