If you want to not just complete, but also completely destroy the relationship, but don't know how, then you've come to the right place! If on the other hand, aims to preserve and make them harmonious, this article will also be useful, you will know what to do. May see yourself or some of those who are close to treats you this way and doubt of the truth of the intentions will remain.

so, be careful, remember, better write down:

1. In any conversation not listen to a partner, think about what you want to talk about his, because the goal in relationships is to Express only Your ideas and needs, then it will be possible for him to be offended if they are not satisfied, we can talk what he is not careful, use it for step 4. We're not interested in needs of the partner, their own, as adult man he must satisfy himself, why to worry about it!

2. Always put yourself above partner! You – ideal, which can only dream of, you are his prize in a lottery, let him enjoy this good luck! After all, if you begin to understand what he is experiencing as you or something equal to you and have something same rights you, God forbid, will begin to accept, understand and the relationship will start to improve! It is not our goal.

3. Break the agreement! Let tries one, let him see that honesty and trust in a relationship is not your value! Perhaps at this stage he will grow cold, will be disappointed and will reflect on the meaning of living together "till death do us part."

4. If the above did not help, and you haven't broken up, use the heavy artillery. Criticize, compare, often talking about how to protect themselves from Dasha won her, and you're not a man at all! Or Dasha from Romka to him many times, and you're not a woman!

5. Kapriznaya! Let you have all the time without him(her) nothing is working! Well, what if it works (she and the kids are sitting) and he needs a partner, not a daughter (son), shift the responsibility more and more, even if it'll crush him and then, finally, we reach the desired goal and any relationship we have will remain!

6. In any case, not to find out what is wrong, what does not satisfy and how to fix it, we don't need to fix anything. Don't make such mistakes, like talking about their feelings, fears and emotions, more to learn about his feelings, tell about her and will know how much you care about him and what is possible and how to fix it! Silent, sad rolling her eyes, hinting, thus, what do you think about his mental faculties, or just smile, stay quiet, and all he will tell you touching on himself and becomes vulnerable, use against him, hit in the back – do the opposite, now you know where his sore spots! And that he is guilty, opened, is in a relationship do that? Only fools sharing! But if you don't own this art, when the attempt of the partner to clarify the situation apply p. 1!

7. Be with a partner, cold, indifferent. Do not take him by the hand, get away from him far away, preferably with someone else's husband or if the husband is not going (stupid) to destroy your relationship and not paying attention to you, to a lonely man or a woman if you are a man and your objective with our antilifetime the same, let him see that you have it (her) do not appreciate to be together you do not mogotu, with other more interesting, better, if all you are going to sarcastically make fun of him (her) statements or laugh at your ideas and call them stupid, humiliation is everything in this case!

after that, If your relationship is not destroyed, and your partner still stays with you, suffering, but something is trying to correct, to speak to you, invites you to start all over again or naive to see a specialist, feel free to call him a sucker and a doormat, and throw themselves, who needs a faithful, reliable, resistant partners who love us? Safely look the same free, confident, proud and independent as you, it's so exciting to visit the place of your, hopefully former, partner! Here is life, this is emotion! Recommend!

belorusova Catherine
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