Antidepressants. The opinion of the psychologist


Now on the Internet a lot of information about depression and its symptoms. And common Council to enlist the help of antidepressants. The theme is serious and difficult, I would like to share my opinion on this matter. br>
the First thing you think is important to say: in no case do not self-medicate. The psyche is a very fine organization. In the case of anxiety the maximum that can be taken to - medicines based on herbs, where there is no chemistry. If in principle you suspect depression, of course, is to consult a specialist rather than guessing and experimenting with a sedative.

In psychiatry all in the same way as in other fields of medicine. The most important thing is a good diagnosis. It is a guarantee that the treatment will be performed correctly and will result. Because it is very important to find a good diagnostician that will put the correct diagnosis. To what expert to address? Will help you or the psychiatrist or clinical psychologist who has a medical background and can accompany therapeutic work of some kind of drugs. br>
I work in a pair with a wonderful psychiatrist, I don't have the appropriate qualifications (by education I am a psychologist). If I see some neurotic symptoms the client, I sending it to a colleague. Next, the doctor collects history, examines the person, asks questions about the nature and frequency of such manifestations. Then ringing back to me and says do you need at the moment, supportive therapy or it is put on time for it to kick in drugs. br>
to be honest, before I had a skeptical attitude towards drugs. I had several reasons. First, the quality of medicines. Second, long hours of work with addicted people, who quickly switched already to the reliance on medication. br>
Now the situation has changed dramatically. Antidepressants is a very wide range of drugs. There is a new generation of medicines that have no side effect. Now the great drugs, the difference between the old and new methods of treatment is enormous. br>
If you are taking antidepressants, you stay in touch with your doctor. Goes observation: better/worse, is there any side effect. The situation is that "better" and more the doctor can't seem pretty dangerous. This is a serious treatment, to treat it should be suitable. br>
I do Not want to criticize any professionals, but I should warn you. The drug relieves symptoms but does not remove the cause. Sometimes, the client is prescribed anti-depressants and released to float freely, and it is in them that is called "sitting". Meanwhile, in his life nagging stress. Antidepressants need to calm the human psyche, as he would in this condition be able to change the situation in life that led to his neurosis. That's what their purpose for the most part. If you prescribe the drug and that is in some sense meant to absolve themselves of responsibility for the recovery of the person. Definitely need to work on the underlying cause.

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Malinin Alexander
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