Catastrophization, perhaps one of the most pernicious cognitive errors, which is expressed in the tendency to negative predictions of the future. "It will all end in disaster!". What are the only arguments in defense of his innocence does not such a person! The tendency to catastrophizing thinking often leads to increased anxiety, inability to make choices, apathy, avoidance of travel, Dating and anything (phobias).

In this post I want to share one very important technique to deal with such beliefs. Taking it into consideration, by regularly practicing it, you will achieve inner peace and resolve, increase the sense of security.

so, the first thing will write on a piece of paper all the situations in your life that cause you fear and concerns. For each "disaster" draw a scale from 1 to 10 and mark on it the expected damage (0 - no losses, 10 - horrific losses). For example, I'm afraid I don't pass the exam (disaster) and this will be the reason I will not be held in life (damage), and it's terrible consequences of 10 points (the worst thing that can happen). After that you should reflect on how much this outcome realistic (is there a real reason, background), try to find arguments that put the outcome in doubt. Try to come up with the best outcome from this situation. For example, I do not pass the exam (disaster), I'm going to retake and I'll take it next semester, I will have time to prepare better (damage) and I think this is a consequence terrifying for just 2 points. Further note on the scale where you think is the most realistic outcome of the situation or when the expected event occurs, mark on the same scale of the real outcome and assess its ability to predict. You should practice antitotalitarian regularly, until you learn to assess the potential danger is more realistic and will not form a resistance to uncertainty.

Maxim A.
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