correction of the fear assessment is a paradoxical task.

during the Meeting with the children, which impose very high requirements, came up with this exercise.

Such children always try to do the job well. Give them reframing (how to change the paradigm of thinking, the term NLP).

TASK: Now we are going to vandalize. Need to write a sentence dictation with the maximum number of errors. In every word!

you Can say that it's just a game, and the school no need to do so.

Often before exercise, the child expresses anxiety, in severe cases, it even can not be solved to implement it.

Take any phrase from a children's book, age-appropriate. Preferably not a textbook of the Russian language and literature.

the Child writes its errors.

More about the dialogue: how many will give yourself for this task?

the Classic answer: deuce.

I: In what sense? The assignment was to write a sentence with a bunch of errors. You did it perfectly. So how much you will give yourself for him?

Child: the top Five!

Me: Here's your red pen, put yourself five. Plus!

it is Important that he raised. If offers me, I say I'm not a teacher. I really like how he carried it out, and five by himself let him put.

how useful this exercise?

the Child is aware that sometimes you can make mistakes and get a good result. He meets with a positive assessment of the adult about "wrong" written work.

works Well with children 8-14 years.

pictured is an example of this task to a 9 year old boy, with the reaction of tears to any comments. The boy is a straight-a student and athlete. "Terry" perfectionist. Never judge his actions positively, while mercilessly criticized his every mistake.

Look at the top five in the result set. And advantages added heartily, after a moment of thought)

of Course, when working with such children it is important to work with and his self-esteem, anxiety, to work with parents.

I Hope someone can come in handy at work. Ready to answer any questions)

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